Episode 35: The Covers Go To 11

In tribute to the recent passings of Lemmy and David Bowie we’ve decided to venture into the world of music for this episode. And what better way to do that than talk about covers? We all have heard them. Some we love for how they change the original or how the artist reinterprets them, others we despise for how the ruin the source material.

Which is why we go all “Spinal Tap” and list our top 11 favourite cover songs. We also talk briefly about ones that didn’t make our list and others we absolutely hate.

But first we’ll catch you up to speed with what we’ve been watching including some bigfoot, Leo DiCaprio vs. a bear, a whole lotta love for Excision, and much more!



Episode 34: 2015 Recap

It’s a marathon of an episode for our first show of 2016! Your hosts, Chris and Josh, have seen quite a few movies since the last time we spoke and we tell you all about Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s ‘sweet ass’, take a trip on the Midnight Meat Train, get a little ass-to-mouth with the third Human Centipede, and so much more!

Then we dive into the past year as we look back at 2015. We list our Top 5 flicks of the year, some honourable mentions, 2015 stuff we’re still excited to watch, the TV shows that caught our attention, and films we’re excited to check out in 2016.