Episode 105: Topic? What Topic?

Seeing as we have 19 movies to talk about, we decided that a topic was totally unnecessary this time out and have delivered an almost three-hour roundhouse kick to your ears of what we’ve watched since last episode. And what a batch it is!

We have two franchises both reaching their third (and final) installments, Vincent Price and Roger Corman re-teaming once more, some technology fueled vigilante action, a bizarre documentary about winning a car, a strange Steven Soderbergh “experiment”, Chris proclaiming his love for a black & white/subtitled movie and not caring if those two facts turn you off, and so much more – obviously, it’s a lot of freaking movies!



Episode 104: 2018 Recap

It’s 2019 and we’re kicking off the year as we usually do by providing you with our annual year-end review. We’ve both picked our five favourite films of 2018, listed the ones that didn’t quite make the cut but are still worth seeking out, and tell you about what films we’re looking forward to in the next twelve months – while hoping a few might actually make our best of lists next time.

What kind of films did we dig the most? Will we both have anything the same on our lists? Will there be any surprising choices? Did any of your favourites make it?  You’ll have to listen to find out.

As usual we kick-off by first talking about what we’ve been watching and this time it’s some superheroes, a video game adaptation zero, a crazy girl who is obsessed with swimming, Paul Feig wrongly being compared to Hitchcock, a Tommy Chong “attempt” and a whole lot more!