Episode 170: Pulling The “Rambo Face”

Welcome back to the show and here’s another bouillabaisse of nineteen films for you to snack on including more than one weird entry, a couple of sequels and someone making out with… themselves(?!?).

There’s two trips to the big screen with HALLOWEEN KILLS and LAMB, Josh wonders why a certain movie is now considered a cult film, we get down with a newer horror-western, cover a 80’s team-up that should’ve been amazing but isn’t, get nostalgic for video stores, talk about what is possibly the only movie made about hydro-line workers, give it up for “Weird Al” and so much more!


Episode 169: Rock ‘N’ Roll Cannibal Bear

Hey, there. Do you want to hear us talk all about twenty-two new movies that include mutants, prostitutes, serial killers, gremlins, and Soleil Moon Frye? You know you do.

This time out we have more movies set in the woods/wilderness than you can shake a stick at (ha!) but we also cover such things as the latest Joe Carnahan jam COPSHOP, a duo of rock based films, Henry Silva at his most bad-ass, Joe D’Amato going cannibal, the unpredictably awesome SWALLOW, Clint Eastwood getting his western on, a obscure Australian horror flick, more H.G. Lewis, and so much more!