Episode 42: Missing in Action

Hey, kids! Do you like explosions? Our hero having his name yelled repeatedly by upset bad guys? Top rippings? Jet powered boats? Bad covers of Rod Stewart songs? You’ll get all this and more as we tackle the Missing in Action series for episode 42 of GBW!

However, first we take a long time to catch you up on what we’ve been watching (it’s been a month, after all) as we talk the holy grail of 80’s slashers, a daredevil documentary, the newly released Hush, a whole lot of Reb Brown and much, much more!

If you’re a fan of Chuck Norris – or 80’s Cannon action flicks where stuff blows up real good – then tune in as we get lost in the jungles of Vietnam.




Episode 41: Robin Bougie

On this episode, we sit down with Robin Bougie. Robin is the¬†creator of the off-beat Cinema Sewer magazine, writer of the awesome XXX poster loving Graphic Thrills books, and recently behind the adult coloring book “Sugar Spread”.

We talk all about the beginnings of Cinema Sewer, hear tales of 70’s porn, talk about some of our favourite XXX movie spoofs, touch on our first video store experiences, and end it all with one of the funniest word faux pas ever!

Check out everything Robin at www.cinemasewer.com.


Episode 40: The Outsiders Legacy

We read S.E. Hinton’s novel in school. We got caught up in the tale of the greasers vs. the socs. Francis Ford Coppola brought it to the big screen and brought one of the biggest young ensemble casts of the 80’s.

Names like Howell, Swayze, Lowe, and Cruise co-starred and all of them went on to lengthy careers of various quality. We take a look at them all and talk about our favourite moments in their resumes.

But first, we first catch you up with what we’ve been watching as Chris has a hard time being positive about his latest viewings including getting really mad about Kevin Smith. Meantime, Josh talks about Zack Snyder’s takes on Superman and gets all “women in chains” with Pam Grier and Margaret Markov. Plus much more!