Episode 198: Smackdowns & Cheap Thrills

There is definitely nothing even close to a theme in the twenty films we’re talking about this episode but there’s some pleasant surprises, we still wonder who actually likes Count Yorga, and there is one moment of pure hatred.

Things are kicked off right with a DIE HARD clone that’s pretty rad, we look at Steve McQueen’s final film, Damien Chazelle brings the Hollywood excess in BABYLON, there’s some giant animals on the loose, a Nazi zombie causes havoc, we look at how mental health was handled in the 1940’s, another 70’s TV movie doesn’t live up to expectations, Maxwell Smart gets “nude”, and so much more!


Episode 197: 23 for 2023

New year. Same us. Which isn’t a bad thing as we offer up our takes on twenty-three films that cover almost every genre you can think of.

There’s disaster in the air with an exploding volcano, Johnny Cash plays a hard-boiled criminal, mutated sheep go on the attack, we talk Spielberg’s love letter to film THE FABELMANS, Lou Ferrigno returns as a Greek god, we get ridiculous with 2022’s FALL, a guy has sex with a hot female alien, Josh continues his trek into film noir, John Waters serves up his biggest slice of depravity and so much more!

Episode 196: Use Your Fists

There’s a whole lot of ass-kicking going down this episode in amongst some tender drama and bowling ball boners. Yes, it’s the off-beat mixture of movies you’ve come to expect from GBW – and we have 22 of them for you.

We talk a handful of 2022 films (a couple which make our top tens), Charles Bronson and Nicolas Cage make an appearance, Michael Mann makes his directorial debut, Chris thinks calling Uwe Boll the “worst director ever” is not true, Josh polishes off the PSYCHO franchise, Joan Collins fights off rubbery ants, we get a cool mustached action hero nobody has heard of, and so much more!

Episode 195: The Cool & The Kumite

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and in this episode we meet a handful of characters who do. It’s an eccentric mix of twenty-one films making us this episode and it’s sure to make you do the splits between two chairs!

Just some of the films covered include Josh embracing “Noir-vember”, Chris getting DRESSED TO KILL, a mad bomber with a penchant for rollercoasters, Tori Spelling and her psycho boyfriend, us wondering just who thought Yorga was a good name, Nicolas Cage doing his version of TAKEN, a duo of religious themed horror movies, the MF’ing Kumite, and so much more!

WARNING: There are some spoilers during DRESSED TO KILL, so if you don’t wish to hear them skip from about the 1hr55 mark to 2hr06 mark. Word to  your mother.

Episode 194: Clapton Rage!

There’s not a lot that can send us into a ranting mess of rage but, this episode, we manage to get worked up twice!

This time out we cover 20 films including the much maligned HALLOWEEN ENDS, another film noir that delivers the goods, Clint Eastwood in full-on macho/sexist mode, some kids being shot into space, a bonafide John Carpenter classic, the return of Robert Ginty to GBW, us questioning how Bert Convy became famous, RIGHTING WRONGS kicking all sorts of ass, and so much more!

Episode 193: Beware! The Pod

It’s October so that means this episode is definitely skewed towards a certain genre. 

We cover 22 films including getting to see Peter Cushing like we’ve never seen him before, a duo of Blumhouse films that question our faith in them, a coven of 90’s high school witches, a couple of lesser-known films from Fred Olen Ray and Wes Craven, Josh finishing off the Romero zombie series, an early 70’s Japanese goth film, more Jess Franco, and so much more!

Episode 192: Just Hiss It

This episode of GBW we want you to get in touch with your reptile side and give off a good “sssssss” as we talk about nineteen films.

We both journey into the land of Roger Corman produced foreign-made 80’s action, Chris gives his takes on BARBARIAN and PEARL, Josh tells us all about one of his favourite 70’s drive-in flicks, we get down at the disco with Jeff Goldblum, Sho Kosugi uses his ninja skills yet again, we wonder why director Chuck Vincent’s films aren’t easier to come by, Jackie Chan meets a baby, and so much more!

Episode 191: Ridiculous!!

Amongst the sixteen films we cover this time there’s a whole lot of ridiculousness on display. However, don’t think we’re saying that as a negative thing!

This time Leo Fong makes his second appearance in a row, Chris wishes that Ken Wahl could’ve become a big action star, there’s a monster unleashed from a lamp, Michael Keaton brings the psycho, Josh doesn’t really enjoy his SHOCKER revisit, David Mamet meets ultimate fighting, Christopher Walken is a malicious angel, we talk a duo of new horror films and so much more!

Episode 190: Run-on Nostalgia

Nostalgia weighs heavy a few times this episode as we talk about sixteen films.

We watched a duo of documentaries about one of our favourite things (physical media), Josh is introduced to the glory that is Leo Fong, a Satan possessed cobra makes life miserable for a small town, Burt Reynolds and friends once again go on a cross-country race, Dracula’s dog bites a few necks, a noir “classic” doesn’t quite live up to its hype, Jess Franco AND John Waters return to the show and so much more!

Episode 189: Thrown Into Space

What other podcast can you hear your hosts talk about threesomes, parents hiring a clown to terrify their children and things being haphazardly tossed into space?

This time out we bring you 20 films and, man, do they run the gamut. We get slightly disappointed by some documentaries, discuss a duo of slasher flicks (including a murderous football!), there’s some insane “thirst” going on in a couple of the movies, 70’s Martin Sheen proves he’s the best Martin Sheen, Josh revisits one of his all-time favourites CLASS OF 1984,  we get a liberal dose of 80’s sleaze, and so much more!