Episode 206: Street Fight Tonight!

We’ve taken a break and now we are back with eighteen new movies that both make us happy to be film fans but also make us question the same thing.

The 90’s were a bad time for video game adaptations and we having shining proof of this, there’s disaster in the air Gerard Butler style, vampire bats barely show up in NIGHTWING, a much loved horror anthology fails to impress, Peter O’Toole swashbuckles and womanizes his way into our hearts, Josh is starting to appreciate Scott Adkins, we have a Roger Corman two-fer, sitting alone with Chinese food is a thing, and so much more!


Episode 205: Fistfuls of Gore

This episode of GBW contains a bunch of trips to the theatre, a handful of revisits, and even a rant on Andrew McCarthy.

This time out we discuss 21 movies including a sports-themed TV thriller that fails to understand its most important themes (uh, sports?), a revisit to the original appearance of Ghostface, Lucio Fulci goes swords & sorcery, John Carpenter visits an evil church, RENFIELD and EVIL DEAD RISE bring some horror, Ali Larter proves her crazy girl cred, and so much more!

Episode 204: Kicking Ass & Kidnaps

Have you ever wanted to kidnap a kid, tell them they’re dead, and convince them that they’re in Heaven? No? Well one of the 18 movies we’re talking about this time does just that.

We also watch some animals getting sweet revenge, Chris finally checks out a well-regarded 70’s sorta slasher, a 70’s TV movie delivers more thrills than expected, found footage meets super powers, Jalal Merhi gives us an example of why he was Canada’s action “guru” in the 90’s, Bruce Campbell attempts a heist, Josh still isn’t sure about BARBARELLA, and so much more!

Episode 203: Watch It!

This episode we get down with some serial killing, rubbery creatures, and a giant eyeball head?!

Twenty flicks crossed our paths this time including Lamberto Bava doing giallo, JCVD going on an adventure that (of course!) ends with butt-kicking, Keanu Reeves proving he could act way back in the 80’s, Anthony Michael Hall’s bizarre vanity project, some graverobbing, Kevin Smith finishing his CLERKS trilogy, a duo of new releases with PROJECT WOLF HUNTING and THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILDREN, and so much more!

Episode 202: Assassins, Thieves & A Cocaine Bear

Maybe if we took a cue from one of our furry friends and snorted a bunch of powder, some of the lesser films of the 18 we cover this time out might have turned out better.

This time out Josh headed to the theatre to check out COCAINE BEAR, the dream team of JCVD and Sho Kosugi disappoints, Susan Anton gets ready for the Olympics, we look at Oscar nominee TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, a duo of assassins arrive both with different agendas, Ryan Reynolds and friends are forced to plan a heist, listener recommend THE DON IS DEAD delivers, and so much more!

Episode 201: Where the Drive-In Meets Gymnastics (?!)

You know, after a hard day of fighting off ravenous fish, ghosts, and serial killers there’s nothing more that we here at GBW want to do than relaxing gymnastics!

This time out we cover 19 films including Howie Mandel being raised by wolves, a buddy cop flick that hasn’t aged particularly well, JCVD going to prison, Lou Ferrigno channeling a Poe(?) story, hungry piranhas, Gene Hackman coaching the heck out of basketball team, Stallone attempting to sing, and so much more!

Episode 200: Uwe Boll

Can you believe it? We’re 200!

To celebrate this occasion we’ve brought in a special guest: Uwe Boll. That’s right, the legendary (in more ways than one) director sat down with us to discuss his return to filmmaking with the police thriller First Shift, educated us on how he independently made over thirty films, speaks on his favourite gangster movies, told us about a meeting with Jean-Claude Van Damme and more from the good doctor.

After our interview stick around as we talk about ten films we watched since last time including Rutger Hauer delivering the goods yet again as a villain, Chris looking at last year’s horror hit SMILE, Tom Selleck vs. Gene Simmons and his robots, a plane crash with consequences, a group of old folks with a malicious streak and other celluloid distractions!

Episode 199: We’re Hip

We’re so hip to so many things. We’re down with the sleaze, we dig the art deco, fringe jackets kick-ass, and don’t get us started on the splits!

We have 22 movies to talk about this time including a look at Brandon Cronenberg’s INFINITY POOL, a noir set in the snow, two teen girls hitchhiking across the wild frontier of 70’s America, a girl gang who takes no guff, Japan’s version of Dracula, a long-lost adult film that defies description, Uwe Boll’s most brutal film, “The Year of Van Dammage” continues and so much more!

Episode 198: Smackdowns & Cheap Thrills

There is definitely nothing even close to a theme in the twenty films we’re talking about this episode but there’s some pleasant surprises, we still wonder who actually likes Count Yorga, and there is one moment of pure hatred.

Things are kicked off right with a DIE HARD clone that’s pretty rad, we look at Steve McQueen’s final film, Damien Chazelle brings the Hollywood excess in BABYLON, there’s some giant animals on the loose, a Nazi zombie causes havoc, we look at how mental health was handled in the 1940’s, another 70’s TV movie doesn’t live up to expectations, Maxwell Smart gets “nude”, and so much more!

Episode 197: 23 for 2023

New year. Same us. Which isn’t a bad thing as we offer up our takes on twenty-three films that cover almost every genre you can think of.

There’s disaster in the air with an exploding volcano, Johnny Cash plays a hard-boiled criminal, mutated sheep go on the attack, we talk Spielberg’s love letter to film THE FABELMANS, Lou Ferrigno returns as a Greek god, we get ridiculous with 2022’s FALL, a guy has sex with a hot female alien, Josh continues his trek into film noir, John Waters serves up his biggest slice of depravity and so much more!