Episode 179: You Got Your Noir in My Giallo!

Welcome back to the film review podcast where everything and anything goes!

We have 19 entries to talk about this time including some female arm wrestling, Gene Hackman getting caught behind enemy lines in Vietnam, a duo of noir films, a penis transplant, Dean Cameron as a not-so-rocking vampire, beauty pageant nuttiness with Bruce Dern, a slasher in a movie theatre, a second opinion on TITANE and so much more!


Episode 178: Guns, Lions & Mausoleum… Oh My!

If you would’ve told us that between episodes we’d watch some movies that are so over-the-top and bizarre, we’d possibly have called you a liar – but, no, we did just that!

This time out we have Sylvester Stallone donning some cool shades, a group of teens desperately trying to see The Beatles, a hot air balloon movie that asks you to “float” (it’ll all make sense, trust us), one of the craziest and irresponsible animal films EVER made, a stone-cold noir classic, a 1983 horror flick that delivers the over-the-top goods, Josh finishing off the H.G. Lewis box set, Chris checking out Sean Baker’s latest RED ROCKET, and so much more!