Episode 202: Assassins, Thieves & A Cocaine Bear

Maybe if we took a cue from one of our furry friends and snorted a bunch of powder, some of the lesser films of the 18 we cover this time out might have turned out better.

This time out Josh headed to the theatre to check out COCAINE BEAR, the dream team of JCVD and Sho Kosugi disappoints, Susan Anton gets ready for the Olympics, we look at Oscar nominee TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, a duo of assassins arrive both with different agendas, Ryan Reynolds and friends are forced to plan a heist, listener recommend THE DON IS DEAD delivers, and so much more!


Episode 201: Where the Drive-In Meets Gymnastics (?!)

You know, after a hard day of fighting off ravenous fish, ghosts, and serial killers there’s nothing more that we here at GBW want to do than relaxing gymnastics!

This time out we cover 19 films including Howie Mandel being raised by wolves, a buddy cop flick that hasn’t aged particularly well, JCVD going to prison, Lou Ferrigno channeling a Poe(?) story, hungry piranhas, Gene Hackman coaching the heck out of basketball team, Stallone attempting to sing, and so much more!