Episode 185: Exploitation Expectations

Sometimes you go into a movie expecting more than you get and this episode has a bunch of examples of this.

We cover sixteen films this time out including Christopher Walken giving it his all, a serial killer film that fails to deliver, a duo of murderous siblings out for revenge, some beauty queens being kidnapped, a couple dealing with the aftermath of a missing child, Jason does NOT take Manhattan, Peter Fonda failing to deliver the goods, and so much more!


Episode 184: Attack of the Docs

Somehow between the two of us we managed to watch six documentaries, hence this episode’s title. We watched real life stories about a wrestler, record stores, a Canadian rock band, and the world’s deadliest amusement park.

But that’s not all as we have a slew of fictional films to talk about as well. Chris checked out Robert Eggers’ latest THE NORTHMAN, we get a duo of decidedly different vampire films, Marc Singer somehow appears in two featured titles, cow meat is worth a fortune, Josh laments the Native American portrayals in 80’s movies, Chris gets annoyed yet again at another found footage flick, 1971’s WILLARD brings the rats, and so much more!