Episode 61: GBW n the Hood

For this episode of GBW we get down with our ‘gangsta’ selves. Thanks to the success of Boyz n the Hood there was a heavy influx of movies set in the ‘hood – usually the mean streets of Los Angeles or New York City. We look back at this sub-genre and talk about our favourites and ones we think are worth checking out if you’re interested in movies that mix in such elements as drive-by shootings, ambitions that go beyond your environment, and drugs.

First we discuss what we’ve been watching including Chris’ continued attempts to catch up on 2016 movies, a VHS trip to the Philippines, an urban legend-themed sequel, and much more!



Episode 60: Bill & Ted Franchise

Take a trip in a time travelling phone booth with us as we look back at the Bill & Ted franchise. These two dunderheaded California surfer dudes with rock star dreams entertained us (and caused all sorts of havoc throughout time and in Hell) in two movies: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

We talk about the films, our memories of them both, and what sort of impact or spin-offs resulted from their success.

First we discuss what we’ve been watching including a blood-soaked prom night, a dinner party gone wrong, Josh continuing his VHS adventures, and much more!