Episode 81: Underrated 90’s

Time again for us to welcome back past guest Vince D’Amato for some “UNDERRATED” goodness! And what a marathon it turns out to be this time!

We all agreed that the 70’s and 80’s seemed to be the best decades for films but all three of us were quite surprised at just how many movies made their way onto our lists when diving into the 90’s. And what a selection it turns out to be this time with an abundant number of Canadian films, some twisted horror, a zombie comedy, a selection that caused quite a bit of argument, and the declaration that Jennifer Jason Leigh is never bad.

Tune in and hear what ten movies each of us think you should go back and check out as we found them to be truly underrated.



Episode 80: We Watched Stuff Redux

It’s been a little while since we’ve discussed all the movies we’re constantly watching so, for this episode in between guests, we decided just to talk all about the films that made their way onto our television screens.

There’s some 80’s wrestling action, Josh gets heavily into films that feature both cops AND hookers, some menacing sharks, crazy cult leaders, the expected ‘VHS Adventure’ and a whole lot more!