Episode 128: War, Revenge & Summer(?)

It’s time for a round-up of fifteen films that, like the episode title says, focus on the act of revenge, the intensity of war and, um, summertime.

Josh gives his take on Oscar shoo-in 1917, Chris weighs in on most nominated Oscar contender JOKER, Oliver Reed goes for sweet sweet busting out of jail revenge in SITTING TARGET, Chris takes trips to both camp and school, Josh somehow manages to watch three(!) sequels including the ninth HELLRAISER flick, we get a documentary on Satanism, a look a Jennifer Kent’s lastest THE NIGHTINGALE and more!



Episode 127: Raising Hell & Other Problems

This time on GBW we’re talking about sixteen films of varied quality and what a batch of weirdness, mainstream and outright junk it is!

Josh took multiple trips to the theater (the theater!) to give his takes on the latest STAR WARS and UNDERWATER, Kevin Bacon is a bullying jerk, a body jumping monster causes havoc on a train, there’s a female version of the EXPENDABLES courtesy of The Asylum, river rafting goes sex comedy, Christian Slater proves he isn’t much of an action hero, we take another journey into the HELLRAISER universe, Adam Sandler makes his film debut, Wings Hauser and much more!


Episode 126: 2019 Recap

It’s the end of a decade and for our first episode of 2020 we’re doing our annual recap of the previous year. We both pick our five favourites of 2019, list some honourable mentions and tell you all the movies we’re looking forward to in the coming twelve months.

Did any of your choices make our lists? Is Josh sure to choose something totally obscure? Will we have any of the same titles? Just how many genre films made the cut?

You’ll have to tune in to find out but, first up, we’ll fill you in on what we’ve been watching between episodes including a holiday themed horror musical, a couple of franchise entries that have us wondering what we’re doing to ourselves, a bunch of 2019 films that just didn’t make the cut, Josh has a PREMONITION, a documentary on one of horror’s biggest icons, a trip to PRIVATE SCHOOL and much more!