Episode 137: Tarantulas, Orcas, & Snakes (Oh My!)

What happens when we both watch movies involving killer tarantulas, whales and snakes in the same episode? Awesomeness, that’s what!

It’s sixteen movies that crossed our eyeballs since last episode as we both finish our respective treks through the BEST OF THE BEST and DEATH RACE franchises, Martin Sheen being a creep with a thing for underage girls, more classic Universal monsters, a cast of b-movie vets kicking-ass in VFW, Stacy Keach in a 70’s British crime flick, a Sam Elliott movie with a deceiving title, Bo Derek being molested by a chimp and much more!



Episode 136: Mad Men, Werewolves, & Skateboarders?!

It’s a film smorgasbord as our viewing habits lately have been all over the place! From 60’s art deco, to 70’s thrillers and even Hilter’s brain(?!?).

This time out we both report on the third entries in the DEATH RACE and BEST OF THE BEST series, Josh talks about a 70’s crime effort starring the great Yaphet Kotto, we get “extreme” with an early Josh Brolin flick, Lucio Fulci makes a giallo, Ray Milland gets X-ray vision, there’s some ineffectual zombies, WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS and so much more!