Episode 133: Doing the Social Distance

We continue on our merry Skype-recorded pandemic path to bring you another episode filled with an assortment of movies we’ve been watching while spending most of our time indoors.

This time out it’s an eclectic mix of titles as Josh continues his Sonny Chiba STREET FIGHTER journey, Chris revisits a couple of movies he enjoyed during childhood with decidedly less enthusiastic results, Tommy Lee Jones proclaims THE PARK IS MINE, we get a double header of 2019 zombie horror comedies, Tom Savini gets the love he deserves, we tell Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding, Jr. to “chill” and much more!



Episode 132: The Pandemic Blues

These are strange times, people. We’ve got a global situation going on. We’ve been forced to spend all of our time indoors with only the occasional trip to the grocery store – unless you still have to work. Things have changed in so many ways. But we still haveĀ  movies.

For our first ever “recorded on Skype” episode we talk about all the films that have been keeping us occupied and distracted during these stressful past couple of weeks and it’s quite a mixed bag that includes Sonny Chiba’s THE STREET FIGHTER, a duo of dance themed films that both turn out to be better than expected, some buff beach bodies (and the ‘Hoff!), an 80’s surfing movie from the director of TUFF TURF, Mindy Clarke showing off a truly ‘killer’ body part, Eric Roberts trying to prove just who is THE BEST OF THE BEST and more!