Episode 183: Hero Worship

There’s a whole lot of “heroes” to talk about this episode over the 17 films covered but, don’t fret, not everyone talked about is a particularly good person.

David Hasselhoff and his pet cougar bust heads, Faye Dunaway sees murders as they happen, Chris checks out EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, Josh finishes off the Rocky series, we get a martial arts movie bold enough to put a “1” in its title to promise a sequel, there’s a whole lot of TROUBLE MAN, we question/praise two Vinegar Syndrome releases, and so much more!


Episode 182: More Dark Than Light

Welcome back to GBW where we serve up our takes on 19 more films that run the gamut from super dark, to ridiculous, to outright heartwarming.

This time we talk the recent releases THE BATMAN and X, a guy in a mangy ape suit terrorizes South Korea, there’s a rad fire tornado (I’m not making that up!), Josh continues his journey into film noir classics, we get an 80’s beach movie that skimps on all the essentials, we praise 1986’s REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS, Chris wonders about the placement on an ATM booth, Rutger Hauer loves him some feathered friends, James Caan drifts his way through a 70’s road trip caper, and so much more!