Episode 48: The Raimi

With his kinetic energy, creative camera movements, and (at times goofy) sense of humour, Sam Raimi has made tons of memorable films during his career. Aside from being behind one of the more iconic horror franchises in the past thirty-years with The Evil Dead; Sam also directed the best superhero movie of all-time with Spider-Man 2, tackled westerns with The Quick & The Dead, and even took a trip to the land of Oz. He also has produced such cult favourites as “Xena: Warrior Princess” and horror flicks under the Ghost House label as well as trying his hand in acting. We dig the guy and talk all about him in Episode 48.

First we talk about what we’ve watched and somehow manage to relate “Stranger Things”, the Ghostbusters remake, and Suicide Squad to each other as well as talk about some killer bugs (Infested), one of David Lynch’s finest films (The Elephant Man), and Josh goes back on his word and watches Lake Placid vs. Anaconda – plus much more!


Episode 47.5: Deadly Vehicles

We’ve finished talking about what we’ve watched and now it’s time to talk all about “Deadly Vehicles”. From the supernatural revenge-fueled hatred of Christine, to the demented trucker of Duel, and all sorts of vehicular mayhem. Tune is as Josh and Chris talk all about the deadliest flicks on wheels!