Episode 158: The Horror of Grease & Geri-Action

Is seventeen a lucky number? Probably not. However, that’s the number of films we’ve watched since last episode and not only do we share with you some amazing jokes, we also have coined a new phrase!

To start we both checked out the recent Vinegar Syndrome release, PANDEMONIUM, and it’s varying quality from there with trips to Italian crime film, a rock ‘n’ roll killer with a guitar drill (we can’t make this stuff up!), a look at two newer Netflix releases, a movie containing a whole lot of grease and penis, Chris checks out Oscar nominated NOMADLAND, Josh gets one step closer to finishing his Universal Monsters journey and so much more!


Episode 157: Killers, Jocks, and Italian Rip-Offs

Twenty-two films crossed our eyeballs since last episode and, as usual, it’s a wacky batch of fare including more sequels, slashers and even hang gliding(?!).

This time we have a duo of slasher movies of differing quality, a lesser-known William Friedkin film, an odd choice by Brian De Palma to do comedy, Josh continuing both his Omen and Ip Man franchise journeys, Chris crosses two more classics from his “never seen” list, Bruno Mattei makes us question our Blu-ray buying habits and so much more!