Episode 156: Mad Doctors, Peepshows, & Psychopaths

It’s time for us to talk about another diverse batch of 20 movies that run the gamut including superheroes, sequels and the insane world of Jess Franco.

This time out we sing the praises of director Penelope Spheeris, Josh continues his journey with both the Omen franchise and Universal Monsters, Chris finally watches a classic 1960 horror film and loves it, Wings Hauser makes an appearance, feral dogs run rampant, Mr. T raps, George C. Scott is mortified in HARDCORE, Blumhouse’s current film decisions get questioned and so much more!


Episode 155: Feels Like a Challenge

We’re back! And we’ve watched 19 movies since the last time we talked including a few discoveries, high recommendations, and stone cold trash.

Kicking things off with our mutual viewing of the recent Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray of the 1984 slasher, SILENT MADNESS,  this episode also contains Russell Crowe losing his mind, Damien returning a little older and a little more evil, a movie that promises challenges (but lies), a “music war”, more Universal Monsters mayhem, a 70’s western that strives for something different, some lesbian vampires and so much more!