Episode 173: Bringing the Cool (Sometimes)

This episode of the legit GBW we’re talking about twenty-two films and it’s an odd batch of obscurities, bikers, Blumhouse, and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a drug smuggling George Clooney, we’ve got you covered. If you want Willem Dafoe as a cool leather-jacketed biker, we’ve got you covered. If you want to get RAD, we’ve definitely got you covered. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

Josh continues his viewing of the H.G. Lewis box set, we talk about a 1988 Elm Street riffing horror/thriller, we get caught in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, various sea creatures make life miserable for humans, the Go-Go’s get their due, we get what seems to be a Lifetime-like teen movie go completely off the rails, Chris is not happy with M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, and so much more!


Episode 172: Tough Guys, Ninjas, & Hookers

“You see here, we’re gonna talk ’bout twenty-one movies and you mooks is gonna listen… unless you want me to unleash a gun-touting teenage prostitute and COMMANDO NINJA on your behind…”

This time out we watched documentaries about both nudity and old school special effects (yeah, weird combo), Chris continues his film noir education with TOUCH OF EVIL, Rocky goes montage crazy, sorority girls pick-on the wrong telekinetic teen, we learn that calling a PARTY LINE can cost you your life, there’s mayhem at a haunted mansion, Josh gets super obscure with Carl Schenkel’s STRIKE BACK, a serial killer stalks 80’s Hollywood Boulevard and so much more!

Episode 171: Karate Choppin’ Serial Killin’ Dirty Livin’

Twenty new movies crossed our eyeballs since we last spoke and it’s a decidedly horror slanted mix since we just got through 2021’s Halloween season. But that’s not all!

Edgar Wright is back on the big screen with LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, we get a duo of 90’s serial killer films: one a stone-cold classic and the other a lesser-seen recommendation, Gene Simmons has issues with his sexuality, we cover a video game adaptation that contains all the stuff we dislike in modern cinema, Jess Franco pulls a bait ‘n’ switch on Josh, Chris checks out a new SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, Barbara Crampton gets some love, pirates get up to no good, and so much more!