Episode 77: Jaws Franchise

Dunnn-nunnnn-dunnnn-nunnn. Welcome to episode 77 of GBW and this time it might not be safe to go into the water.

It’s time for another franchise episode as we tackle the four Jaws films. Starting in 1975 with Steven Spielberg’s classic, Bruce (the shark) and the folks of Amity have had a long relationship that ran for four films – each just a little bit worse than that before it. Tune in an hear how we rank the series, our favourite (and least favourite) moments, and a whole lot of shark talk.

First off we talk about what we’ve been watching including a visit to the universe of Ash Williams, a few poor horror films, Josh’s continuing VHS adventures, and much more!



Episode 76: Space Invaders

Do aliens exist? Do they come in peace? This is a question movies have asked for decades.

It being the Halloween season, we’ve decided that if aliens are out there, they most definitely WON’T be coming in peace. Therefore we’ve chosen our top five favourite “Space Invaders” films and they range from horror, to comedy, to action, and all sorts of things in-between.

First off we talk about what we’ve been watching including a return visit to Elm Street, some of The Devil’s Candy, a handful of disco, a John Waters musical, and much more!