Episode 167: Money, Baby!

It’s a weird batch of films this time out on GBW that runs the gamut from awkward comedy, to multiple train disasters, and even Mr. T in all his glory.

Josh continues his viewing of the H.G. Lewis, Rocky AND Mill Creek box sets, we again wonder why Keenen Ivory Wayans thought it was a good idea to try and be an action star, radiation exposed tree roots (not really) menace a town, Christopher Reeve dons a moustache and flies a plane, an obscure 70’s Canadian thriller gets massive love, Chris absolutely loves the uncomfortable comedy of SHIVA BABY, and so much more!


Episode 166: Disasters, Monsters, & Other Concerns

As per the norm we’ve watched A LOT of movies in the two weeks since we last spoke and it’s a batch filled with some sequels, discoveries and just outright “wtf?” films.

We polish off a couple of box sets we’ve been working our way through, Chris gets very adamant about Dolph Lundgren punching out a shark, we talk one of the earliest home invasion films, a blind buy from Arrow Video goes better than expected, Netflix delivers a kick-ass French action flick, Chris praises PIG with Nicholas Cage, there’s a whole lot of disaster in the air, Jason Vorhees pops in to say “hi” and so much more!

Episode 165: Road Trippin’ With Satan

For episode 165 of GBW we’re “hitting the road” (not really!) and talking about twenty-two films of varying quality where more than one of them involves either going on a cross-country journey, musicians, or monsters.

This time Keanu Reeves dances to Rob Zombie, we talk about the O.G. gore film BLOOD FEAST from H.G. Lewis, a pair of possessed jeans carves a bloody path through a clothing store, Josh discovers a supernatural horror film he actually likes, Chris looks at Edgar Wright’s new documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS, a couple of sequels worm their way into the show, Meat Loaf hangs out with Blondie among others, we discover they actually made a car chase flick in New Zealand, and so much more!