Episode 154: The One with the Body Functions

This time out your hosts are talking about the 24 movies (+ TV shows) that crossed their path since our last episode and it’s a mixed bag of cinema – and too much talk of bodily fluids!

We get the triumphant return of Robert Logan to the show, a duo of truly oddball films starring musicians, a love letter makes its rounds as it only could in an 80’s teen comedy, Charles Bronson invades both coasts (and is bad-ass doing so), Chris watches a film he thinks truly defines the term “cult movie”, we gush over a recent Vinegar Syndrome blu-ray release, Josh revisits 1976’s THE OMEN and so much more!

NOTE: There are some some sound glitches and background noise this episode. We did our best to make them less noticeable.


Episode 153: The Good, The Bond, & The Slashers

Hey! We’re back with another large batch of films that made their way onto our screens between episodes. Twenty of them, in fact.

We kick-off talking about an early 80’s slasher we both watched and from there it’s a mix of urban teens vs. drug dealer, an obscure (and depressing) movie from the director of REVENGE OF THE NERDS, some controversial proclamations about a Lucio Fulci film, crazy Indonesian horror, an Abel Ferrarra documentary, a biker film from Wiliam Grefe (director of GBW favourite, STANLEY) and so much more!