Episode 173: Bringing the Cool (Sometimes)

This episode of the legit GBW we’re talking about twenty-two films and it’s an odd batch of obscurities, bikers, Blumhouse, and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a drug smuggling George Clooney, we’ve got you covered. If you want Willem Dafoe as a cool leather-jacketed biker, we’ve got you covered. If you want to get RAD, we’ve definitely got you covered. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

Josh continues his viewing of the H.G. Lewis box set, we talk about a 1988 Elm Street riffing horror/thriller, we get caught in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, various sea creatures make life miserable for humans, the Go-Go’s get their due, we get what seems to be a Lifetime-like teen movie go completely off the rails, Chris is not happy with M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, and so much more!

Episode 172: Tough Guys, Ninjas, & Hookers

“You see here, we’re gonna talk ’bout twenty-one movies and you mooks is gonna listen… unless you want me to unleash a gun-touting teenage prostitute and COMMANDO NINJA on your behind…”

This time out we watched documentaries about both nudity and old school special effects (yeah, weird combo), Chris continues his film noir education with TOUCH OF EVIL, Rocky goes montage crazy, sorority girls pick-on the wrong telekinetic teen, we learn that calling a PARTY LINE can cost you your life, there’s mayhem at a haunted mansion, Josh gets super obscure with Carl Schenkel’s STRIKE BACK, a serial killer stalks 80’s Hollywood Boulevard and so much more!

Episode 171: Karate Choppin’ Serial Killin’ Dirty Livin’

Twenty new movies crossed our eyeballs since we last spoke and it’s a decidedly horror slanted mix since we just got through 2021’s Halloween season. But that’s not all!

Edgar Wright is back on the big screen with LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, we get a duo of 90’s serial killer films: one a stone-cold classic and the other a lesser-seen recommendation, Gene Simmons has issues with his sexuality, we cover a video game adaptation that contains all the stuff we dislike in modern cinema, Jess Franco pulls a bait ‘n’ switch on Josh, Chris checks out a new SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, Barbara Crampton gets some love, pirates get up to no good, and so much more!

Episode 170: Pulling The “Rambo Face”

Welcome back to the show and here’s another bouillabaisse of nineteen films for you to snack on including more than one weird entry, a couple of sequels and someone making out with… themselves(?!?).

There’s two trips to the big screen with HALLOWEEN KILLS and LAMB, Josh wonders why a certain movie is now considered a cult film, we get down with a newer horror-western, cover a 80’s team-up that should’ve been amazing but isn’t, get nostalgic for video stores, talk about what is possibly the only movie made about hydro-line workers, give it up for “Weird Al” and so much more!

Episode 169: Rock ‘N’ Roll Cannibal Bear

Hey, there. Do you want to hear us talk all about twenty-two new movies that include mutants, prostitutes, serial killers, gremlins, and Soleil Moon Frye? You know you do.

This time out we have more movies set in the woods/wilderness than you can shake a stick at (ha!) but we also cover such things as the latest Joe Carnahan jam COPSHOP, a duo of rock based films, Henry Silva at his most bad-ass, Joe D’Amato going cannibal, the unpredictably awesome SWALLOW, Clint Eastwood getting his western on, a obscure Australian horror flick, more H.G. Lewis, and so much more!

Episode 168: Back on the Movie Stack

After an extra week off, we’re back, and you know what that means. Yes, Chris watched a bunch of suspect films while Josh continued his quest to watch 100 box sets at the SAME TIME. Of course, we’re being sarcastic, but there’s over twenty films discussed of much differing quality.

We discuss a 70’s TV movie Stephen King may have ripped-off, take a journey down the LOST HIGHWAY, Ricky Schroeder air guitars like a madman, there’s a duo of Italian zombie/cannibal splatter films, we talk about what may be Sylvester Stallone’s most embarrassing moment, wonder why anyone would bother making a POV horror film, give Cropsey and THE BURNING a revisit, and so much more!

Episode 167: Money, Baby!

It’s a weird batch of films this time out on GBW that runs the gamut from awkward comedy, to multiple train disasters, and even Mr. T in all his glory.

Josh continues his viewing of the H.G. Lewis, Rocky AND Mill Creek box sets, we again wonder why Keenen Ivory Wayans thought it was a good idea to try and be an action star, radiation exposed tree roots (not really) menace a town, Christopher Reeve dons a moustache and flies a plane, an obscure 70’s Canadian thriller gets massive love, Chris absolutely loves the uncomfortable comedy of SHIVA BABY, and so much more!

Episode 166: Disasters, Monsters, & Other Concerns

As per the norm we’ve watched A LOT of movies in the two weeks since we last spoke and it’s a batch filled with some sequels, discoveries and just outright “wtf?” films.

We polish off a couple of box sets we’ve been working our way through, Chris gets very adamant about Dolph Lundgren punching out a shark, we talk one of the earliest home invasion films, a blind buy from Arrow Video goes better than expected, Netflix delivers a kick-ass French action flick, Chris praises PIG with Nicholas Cage, there’s a whole lot of disaster in the air, Jason Vorhees pops in to say “hi” and so much more!

Episode 165: Road Trippin’ With Satan

For episode 165 of GBW we’re “hitting the road” (not really!) and talking about twenty-two films of varying quality where more than one of them involves either going on a cross-country journey, musicians, or monsters.

This time Keanu Reeves dances to Rob Zombie, we talk about the O.G. gore film BLOOD FEAST from H.G. Lewis, a pair of possessed jeans carves a bloody path through a clothing store, Josh discovers a supernatural horror film he actually likes, Chris looks at Edgar Wright’s new documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS, a couple of sequels worm their way into the show, Meat Loaf hangs out with Blondie among others, we discover they actually made a car chase flick in New Zealand, and so much more!

Episode 164: The Bizarreness!

After three weeks we’ve returned with a brand new, piping hot batch of movies to tell you all about! To call a good portion of the 20 movies we’re talking about “bizarre” would be an understatement (hence the title).

This time out we talk about the BLOOD ISLAND trilogy, a TV movie from 1981 that wants you to “just say no!”, a newer zombie movie that just may overcome your zombie fatigue, Julia Stiles trying to make-out with her dad, Rene Cardona Jr.’s take on cannibal adventure movies, a Mormon created family movie like no other, the insane PERDITA DURANGO, the triumphant return of Robert “Stud” Logan to the show, and so much more!