Episode 47: Catching Up

Episode 47 is now available!

Oh, boy, do we have a lot of movies to talk about this time! So many, in fact, that we’ve decided to split this episode into two parts.

This first installment has Chris and Josh bringing you up to speed on what they’ve been watching including some anthologies by the way of V/H/S 2, a whole bunch of movie/music related documentaries (I Am Thor, to name one), and tons more. This is what happens when we don’t talk about these things for a month!

After this episode, we will be following it with a .5 where we dive into our selected topic “Deadly Vehicles”. You may know them by their name (Christine), their look (The Car), or just their merciless, ahem, “drive” (Duel) – all this can be had… NEXT TIME!



Episode 46: Vince D’Amato

This week on GBW we welcome special guest, Vince D’Amato.

A staple on the Vancouver indie film circuit for around fifteen years, Vince co-founded Creepy Six Films who are responsible for such flicks as Carmilla (aka Vampires vs. Zombies) and The Hard Cut, is the programmer/director of Shivers Film Society who strive to bring lesser-known indie films and classics to the bring screen as well as organize special guests such as Lloyd Kaufman, and he has also formed Brivido Giallo to creature modern day giallo inspired films.

We fill Vince up with plentiful beer for an interview that spans such topics as his first horror movie experiences, how he became an indie director and the challenges along the way, what the impetus was for forming Shivers, and even manage to get some giallo recommendations for those of us (like Chris) who are just starting to get into the sub-genre.