Episode 206: Street Fight Tonight!

We’ve taken a break and now we are back with eighteen new movies that both make us happy to be film fans but also make us question the same thing.

The 90’s were a bad time for video game adaptations and we having shining proof of this, there’s disaster in the air Gerard Butler style, vampire bats barely show up in NIGHTWING, a much loved horror anthology fails to impress, Peter O’Toole swashbuckles and womanizes his way into our hearts, Josh is starting to appreciate Scott Adkins, we have a Roger Corman two-fer, sitting alone with Chinese food is a thing, and so much more!


Episode 205: Fistfuls of Gore

This episode of GBW contains a bunch of trips to the theatre, a handful of revisits, and even a rant on Andrew McCarthy.

This time out we discuss 21 movies including a sports-themed TV thriller that fails to understand its most important themes (uh, sports?), a revisit to the original appearance of Ghostface, Lucio Fulci goes swords & sorcery, John Carpenter visits an evil church, RENFIELD and EVIL DEAD RISE bring some horror, Ali Larter proves her crazy girl cred, and so much more!