Episode 117: Alligators, Hitchers, Pinhead, & Lifetime Movies

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues… except movies.

We’ve watched a whole slew of films in the last few weeks and want to tell you all about them as we tackle 18 movies as Josh checked out Alexandre Aja’s CRAWL, a bear has a picnic with humans, a duo of slasher flicks of suspect quality, two vacations courtesy of National Lampoon, some Jess Franco nunspoloitation, an Albert Pyun action movie that looks like Die Hard but isn’t, and Chris insisting on watching not one but three Lifetime movies involving pregnancy, abuse and psychosis. Plus more!



Episode 116: Horror Music Videos

For the last thirty-plus years, we’ve been witness to many inventive, creative and groundbreaking music videos but now we here at GBW have decided that there can also be a disturbing and/or horrific side to them. This is why we’ve each decided to pick our five favourite horror-related music videos. Covering various genres and with such things as murderous kids, doom-laden movie clips and dark industrial sounds these videos are ones we think do the genre proud.

However, you’re not going to find Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on these lists because we both agree it’s the G.O.A.T. and it wouldn’t of been fair to all the other great videos out there.

But first we’re talking about what we’ve been watching and it includes a return to the black metal realm, some top-notch found footage, an inventive 80’s sci-fi flick, some more Jess Franco action, Lucio Fulci, and much more!