Episode 195: The Cool & The Kumite

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and in this episode we meet a handful of characters who do. It’s an eccentric mix of twenty-one films making us this episode and it’s sure to make you do the splits between two chairs!

Just some of the films covered include Josh embracing “Noir-vember”, Chris getting DRESSED TO KILL, a mad bomber with a penchant for rollercoasters, Tori Spelling and her psycho boyfriend, us wondering just who thought Yorga was a good name, Nicolas Cage doing his version of TAKEN, a duo of religious themed horror movies, the MF’ing Kumite, and so much more!

WARNING: There are some spoilers during DRESSED TO KILL, so if you don’t wish to hear them skip from about the 1hr55 mark to 2hr06 mark. Word to¬† your mother.


Episode 194: Clapton Rage!

There’s not a lot that can send us into a ranting mess of rage but, this episode, we manage to get worked up twice!

This time out we cover 20 films including the much maligned HALLOWEEN ENDS, another film noir that delivers the goods, Clint Eastwood in full-on macho/sexist mode, some kids being shot into space, a bonafide John Carpenter classic, the return of Robert Ginty to GBW, us questioning how Bert Convy became famous, RIGHTING WRONGS kicking all sorts of ass, and so much more!