Episode 198: Smackdowns & Cheap Thrills

There is definitely nothing even close to a theme in the twenty films we’re talking about this episode but there’s some pleasant surprises, we still wonder who actually likes Count Yorga, and there is one moment of pure hatred.

Things are kicked off right with a DIE HARD clone that’s pretty rad, we look at Steve McQueen’s final film, Damien Chazelle brings the Hollywood excess in BABYLON, there’s some giant animals on the loose, a Nazi zombie causes havoc, we look at how mental health was handled in the 1940’s, another 70’s TV movie doesn’t live up to expectations, Maxwell Smart gets “nude”, and so much more!


Episode 197: 23 for 2023

New year. Same us. Which isn’t a bad thing as we offer up our takes on twenty-three films that cover almost every genre you can think of.

There’s disaster in the air with an exploding volcano, Johnny Cash plays a hard-boiled criminal, mutated sheep go on the attack, we talk Spielberg’s love letter to film THE FABELMANS, Lou Ferrigno returns as a Greek god, we get ridiculous with 2022’s FALL, a guy has sex with a hot female alien, Josh continues his trek into film noir, John Waters serves up his biggest slice of depravity and so much more!