Episode 190: Run-on Nostalgia

Nostalgia weighs heavy a few times this episode as we talk about sixteen films.

We watched a duo of documentaries about one of our favourite things (physical media), Josh is introduced to the glory that is Leo Fong, a Satan possessed cobra makes life miserable for a small town, Burt Reynolds and friends once again go on a cross-country race, Dracula’s dog bites a few necks, a noir “classic” doesn’t quite live up to its hype, Jess Franco AND John Waters return to the show and so much more!


Episode 189: Thrown Into Space

What other podcast can you hear your hosts talk about threesomes, parents hiring a clown to terrify their children and things being haphazardly tossed into space?

This time out we bring you 20 films and, man, do they run the gamut. We get slightly disappointed by some documentaries, discuss a duo of slasher flicks (including a murderous football!), there’s some insane “thirst” going on in a couple of the movies, 70’s Martin Sheen proves he’s the best Martin Sheen, Josh revisits one of his all-time favourites CLASS OF 1984,  we get a liberal dose of 80’s sleaze, and so much more!