Episode 83: Best Buddies

They may not get along at first but eventually these silver screen duos learn to work together and, in some cases, even become the best of pals.

For this episode of GBW we’ve taken inspiration from such “buddy” films as Walter Hill’s 48 Hrs. to compile lists of our favourites within the sub-genre. Will Riggs and Murtagh make the list? Just how many times can Chris bring up a certain movie (you’ll see)? Will there be any curveball choices? How often will Shane Black’s name come up?

Tune in to find out but first, as always, we’re talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s a mixture of a certain crappy delayed horror sequel, superheroes, Indiana Jones cribbing adventure, cross dressing, and much more!



Episode 82: 2017 Recap

For our first episode of 2018, GBW has decided to do our annual recap episode where we’ve picked our five favourite films of 2017, list the ones that didn’t quite make the cut, and all talk about the films we’re looking forward to this year.

Did Josh manage to make five picks despite thinking 2017 was a horrible year for film and how did Chris cut down his large list of contenders? Will there be arguments? Will your favourite make the cut? And will they both have the same top pick like 2016? You’ll have to listen to find out.

As usual we kick-off by first talking about what we’ve been watching. This includes some horror, action, some mannequin sex, and a whole lot more!