Episode 111: Our Defining Years (1981)

As two guys who have loved movies for as long as we can remember, we recently decided to try and pinpoint the exact moment that films went from being just something you would watch on television or go see with friends on the weekend to an outright obsession, What year made the biggest impact on us and threw us over the edge and what movies were involved in fueling this lifelong love of all things cinema?

For this, the first of two back-to-back episodes, your co-host Josh takes a look at the year that defined him: 1981. It was a year filled with adventure, swords ‘n’ sorcery, car races, Ray Harryhausen effects, werewolves, a psychotic Rutger Hauer and more!

We start off, as always, by talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s quite a batch of flicks as we continue our Cheech & Chong torture, hit up a couple of slasher movies both new and old, mention the Purge not once but twice, Chris suffers through Isaac’s return, zombies, raiding tombs, stealing bodies, and so much more!



Episode 110: So Much Sports!

Why is that that guys like us who don’t follow them, watch them on TV, or participate in them tend to love watching the endless amount of movies about sports that have come out? Is it the second-hand adrenaline? The triumph of the underdog? Our attempts to seem macho by saying, “Dude, Friday Night Lights is rad!”? We’ll never know.

However, what we do know is, we dig sports movies and we’ve both picked five of them that we think you should check out. We’ve got some washed-up athletes, body checks, swinging for the fences and even a Luc Besson film. Yeah, Luc Besson.

To kick it off we talk about what we’ve been watching including Josh’s take on SHAZAM, yet another group of evil kids who love cornfields, a trip to the Matrix, Nicholas Cage being completely unhinged, Dolph Lundgren kicking demon ass, Antonio Banderas butt-biting and so much more!


Episode 109: TriStar Pictures

Because we like taking chances and have a desire to be more niche than we already are it’s time, just like the last episode about Las Vegas, to try something new by focusing on a specific film company.

TriStar Pictures and their iconic flying pegasus logo has ushered us through many an entertaining movie and usually guaranteed fun genre-like pictures with the slightest of Hollywood sheen on them. Which is why we’re each picking our five favourite films to be released by the company. However, to get even MORE specific, we’re only covering the first fifteen years of their existence from 1984-1999.

But first we’re talking about what we’ve watched including Jordan Peele’s latest US, Ernest Borgnine bringing the late 80’s action, another visit to those murderous kids who love them some corn, Jess Franco tells us NIGHTMARES COME AT NIGHT, a documentary about one of the first kick-ass women in rock, the Crue dishing THE DIRT, and so much more!


Episode 108: Sin City

What better way to deal with both of us feeling ill when recording than by talking about a place where the party never stops: Las Vegas! That’s right, Sin City itself. Where the drinks are cheap, the gambling is plentiful, the strippers are crazy and the neon is bright.

To try something new we’re taking on an entire city in film form by talking about what films either set in or that spend some time in the outrageous desert oasis that are worth checking out. We’re talking De Niro, some Elvis impersonators with money on their minds, bachelor parties gone off-the-rails and much more! If this city is your thing, these movies will be as well.

We begin, as always, by talking about what we’ve watched and it’s quite a batch as we get very upset at the antics of Cheech & Chong, marvel at Gasper Noe’s latest CLIMAX, blast some Norwegian black metal, take a third trip to the corn fields, bring back the Ginty and a catchy as hell theme song, and so much more!


Episode 107: It’s Scary!

At GBW, we are big horror fans. In fact, it was horror that brought your hosts together in the first place all those years ago. It’s only natural that when people find out you do a movie podcast, and that you’ve written many reviews, they want to know what the “scariest” horror films are.

Looking at this from the angle of a) we’ve seen so many genre films it’s impossible to be scared and b) if we were someone not at all familiar with horror what would scare us, we’ve each come up with five movies that we feel would be guaranteed to deliver in that department.

First off, we talk about what we’ve watched including a couple of recent Oscar winners, a remake of a bona fide classic, a duo of late 80’s films that are awesome examples of what to expect from genre movies of the time, a snake turned revenge seeking stalker, and much more! There’s also a few tangents including one regarding inappropriate picture taking.


Episode 106: Life’s A Beach

It’s winter and that means it’s colder and everyone is all bundled up. Which is why here at GBW want to bring a little summer to you early.

We love sex comedies, especially those of the 80’s, so we’ve decided to each list our five favorites of the sub-genre that involve either the beach or a multitude of bikinis. There’s your typical lingering shots of the female anatomy, bikinis being used to save businesses, a surprising amount of name actors taking part in the somewhat sexist shenanigans and even a slasher on the beach!

Before that we’re talking the nineteen films we watched in between shows with slasher films of varying quality, questions about what has happened to James Cameron, Linda Blair trying to survive the night, some Dollarama specials, DMX getting “up in here, up in here” and so much more!


Episode 105: Topic? What Topic?

Seeing as we have 19 movies to talk about, we decided that a topic was totally unnecessary this time out and have delivered an almost three-hour roundhouse kick to your ears of what we’ve watched since last episode. And what a batch it is!

We have two franchises both reaching their third (and final) installments, Vincent Price and Roger Corman re-teaming once more, some technology fueled vigilante action, a bizarre documentary about winning a car, a strange Steven Soderbergh “experiment”, Chris proclaiming his love for a black & white/subtitled movie and not caring if those two facts turn you off, and so much more – obviously, it’s a lot of freaking movies!


Episode 104: 2018 Recap

It’s 2019 and we’re kicking off the year as we usually do by providing you with our annual year-end review. We’ve both picked our five favourite films of 2018, listed the ones that didn’t quite make the cut but are still worth seeking out, and tell you about what films we’re looking forward to in the next twelve months – while hoping a few might actually make our best of lists next time.

What kind of films did we dig the most? Will we both have anything the same on our lists? Will there be any surprising choices? Did any of your favourites make it?  You’ll have to listen to find out.

As usual we kick-off by first talking about what we’ve been watching and this time it’s some superheroes, a video game adaptation zero, a crazy girl who is obsessed with swimming, Paul Feig wrongly being compared to Hitchcock, a Tommy Chong “attempt” and a whole lot more!


Episode 103: Kurt & Burt

Kurt Russell. Burt Reynolds.

We here at GBW think these are the coolest actors to ever grace movie screens and have decided to dedicate an episode to them. From Kurt’s beginnings in Disney films, to Snake Plissken and right to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 we talk all about one of the coolest cats around. But he has competition with the mighty Burt who is one hell of a shot with a bow and arrow, flexes his football skills and teams up with Hal Needham perhaps one time too many – we may also get upset about Boogie Nights.

First we talk about what we’ve been watching that includes a third visit to the Porky’s franchise, Josh giving an unpopular opinion about a much liked Christmas horror film, we touch on the odd pairing of Wes Craven and Eddie Murphy and so much more!



Episode 102: Ketchup

It’s time to KETCHUP (or “Catch Up”, if you will) on what we’ve been watching.

Seeing as it has been a long-time since we last spoke about all the films we’ve been consuming in between episodes we decided this was the opportune time to discuss the 19(!!) movies that crossed our eyeballs since episode 100.

And what a mix it is as we get a duo of found footage, a punk rock documentary, some Argento by way of Arrow Video, Mr. Rogers, Josh gets a DEATH WISH (2), a slew of top notch 2018 films, and we discover the greatness that is Richard Barathy.