Episode 70: Underrated 80’s

The 70’s were just the beginning! We welcome back past guest/filmmaker Vince D’Amato as a co-host for the second in our series of episodes where we’ll be diving back into the past five decades of film.

The 1980’s may go down as the most schizophrenic for movies but, like all decades, there’s some that just don’t get the attention and recognition they deserve and that’s where we come in! Josh, Chris, and Vince have all chosen ten films each that they feel deserve to be seen by movie fans everywhere and it’s quite an assortment of horror, action, horny teenagers, and much more – plus where else are you going to hear the sweet strains of the Ghostbusters theme?



Episode 40: The Outsiders Legacy

We read S.E. Hinton’s novel in school. We got caught up in the tale of the greasers vs. the socs. Francis Ford Coppola brought it to the big screen and brought one of the biggest young ensemble casts of the 80’s.

Names like Howell, Swayze, Lowe, and Cruise co-starred and all of them went on to lengthy careers of various quality. We take a look at them all and talk about our favourite moments in their resumes.

But first, we first catch you up with what we’ve been watching as Chris has a hard time being positive about his latest viewings including getting really mad about Kevin Smith. Meantime, Josh talks about Zack Snyder’s takes on Superman and gets all “women in chains” with Pam Grier and Margaret Markov. Plus much more!