Episode 125: Lethal Weapon Franchise

It’s time for us to dive back into franchise territory. This time instead of Chuck, ninjas and robotic cops we’ve decided to tackle a series that was a surprise hit when it began in 1987 and only continued to be more and more popular. But does it deserve such mainstream love?

This is a question that needs an answer and we sat through all four films (in a compressed space of time) to try and figure out why this buddy cop series pairing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with Richard Donner at the helm garnered such love. Along the way we complain about property damage, Joe Pesci, a tonal shift that’s hard to handle and the fact that Gibson’s Riggs is just a complete and utter jerk.

As usual we begin with what we’ve watching including our alternative take on Fred Durst’s THE FANATIC, another visit to the Hellraiser universe, see Dennis Quaid go crazy coo-coo, (sort of) learn about Boogaloo Shrimp, get our KNIVES OUT and much more!


Episode 93: Tough Guys

Where have all the macho dudes gone? There was a time in film when the toughest of the tough could walk onto the screen, ooze cool, and take control of a room. Effortless. Cool. Bad ass. For this episode we’ve decided to talk all about our favourite tough guys. Actors who just ooze testosterone and make all other guys look like little girls.

As usual we start with what we’ve been watching and have a quite in-depth discussion about waterbeds, talk about the latest dinosaur rampage hitting theatres, a 70’s trip into Satanism, and a whole heck of a lot more!


Episode 85: The Ninja Trilogy

It’s time to return to franchise territory as we’re heading back to the early 1980’s and a (not really) trilogy courtesy of one of our favourite 1980’s companies Cannon Films. This time out we’re looking at Enter the NinjaRevenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination which are the main films responsible for bringing the Japanese art of Ninjutsu to the North American masses. It was also our first exposure to the ultra cool Sho Kosugi. These are three films that helped shape our love of those black clad, gadget wielding silent killers and all of the low brow action flicks from the duo of Golan-Globus.

As usual, we start with what we’ve been watching including a handful of low-budget horror with varying results, a comedy that had Chris questioning just what the Hell was going on in 1987, some homosexual bees(?), and much more!


Episode 83: Best Buddies

They may not get along at first but eventually these silver screen duos learn to work together and, in some cases, even become the best of pals.

For this episode of GBW we’ve taken inspiration from such “buddy” films as Walter Hill’s 48 Hrs. to compile lists of our favourites within the sub-genre. Will Riggs and Murtagh make the list? Just how many times can Chris bring up a certain movie (you’ll see)? Will there be any curveball choices? How often will Shane Black’s name come up?

Tune in to find out but first, as always, we’re talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s a mixture of a certain crappy delayed horror sequel, superheroes, Indiana Jones cribbing adventure, cross dressing, and much more!