Episode 85: The Ninja Trilogy

It’s time to return to franchise territory as we’re heading back to the early 1980’s and a (not really) trilogy courtesy of one of our favourite 1980’s companies Cannon Films. This time out we’re looking at Enter the NinjaRevenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination which are the main films responsible for bringing the Japanese art of Ninjutsu to the North American masses. It was also our first exposure to the ultra cool Sho Kosugi. These are three films that helped shape our love of those black clad, gadget wielding silent killers and all of the low brow action flicks from the duo of Golan-Globus.

As usual, we start with what we’ve been watching including a handful of low-budget horror with varying results, a comedy that had Chris questioning just what the Hell was going on in 1987, some homosexual bees(?), and much more!


Episode 63: We Watched Stuff

After a three week hiatus in which co-host Josh was on vacation, we ended up watching way too much stuff!

First off, Josh tells us all about the cool and bizarre things he saw on his two week jaunt to Japan and then we get down to the business at hand: talking about movies! We get a best picture Oscar winner, an 80’s slasher Chris actually hasn’t seen, Chris is told to GET OUT, Josh goes on a lengthy rant about the new Kong movie, and so much more!


Episode 41: Robin Bougie

On this episode, we sit down with Robin Bougie. Robin is the creator of the off-beat Cinema Sewer magazine, writer of the awesome XXX poster loving Graphic Thrills books, and recently behind the adult coloring book “Sugar Spread”.

We talk all about the beginnings of Cinema Sewer, hear tales of 70’s porn, talk about some of our favourite XXX movie spoofs, touch on our first video store experiences, and end it all with one of the funniest word faux pas ever!

Check out everything Robin at www.cinemasewer.com.


Episode 38: Drive-In Double Features

Despite having its peak in the 50’s and 60’s, the drive-in movie theatre will be forever ingrained into history. Where else can you spend a summer night watching two movies, stuffing your face full of popcorn and hot dogs, hanging out with buddies, and (hopefully) making out in the backseat of your car?

In the spirit of this bygone cinema-going experience we’ve come up with lists of movies we’d love to see paired up and on a giant outdoor screen while the speaker hooked up to our car window gives off the crackly sounds of tinny gunfire and explosions.

First off we catch you up with what we’ve been watching as Chris takes a big journey back to the 80’s with the likes of the javelin killing slasher flick Fatal Games and hyperactive dancing of Flashdance while Josh continues his path towards depravity with I Spit on Your Grave 2 as well as discovering one of his favourite vampire movies of all-time. Plus much more!