Episode 131: Let’s Get Laid!

Ahh, high school. Something a lot of people look back upon fondly while some of us remember the frustration that was the opposite sex.

For this episode, we’ve decided to get “laid” as we’re listing our favourite teen sex comedies that we think you should check out. It’s a mixed bag as we veer from raunchy T&A, teen romance,  nerdy guys out to lose their virginity, and many more tales of high school irresponsibility.

First up we’re talking about what we watched as we compare both PET SEMATARY films, check out Synapse’s new blu-ray of HOT DOG… THE MOVIE, give Elvira’s first film a spin, Josh discovers the hell that is MMA sponsored cinema, Chris talks Leigh Whannell’s THE INVISIBLE MAN, Australia delivers a punk rock cyborg flick and much more!



Episode 106: Life’s A Beach

It’s winter and that means it’s colder and everyone is all bundled up. Which is why here at GBW want to bring a little summer to you early.

We love sex comedies, especially those of the 80’s, so we’ve decided to each list our five favorites of the sub-genre that involve either the beach or a multitude of bikinis. There’s your typical lingering shots of the female anatomy, bikinis being used to save businesses, a surprising amount of name actors taking part in the somewhat sexist shenanigans and even a slasher on the beach!

Before that we’re talking the nineteen films we watched in between shows with slasher films of varying quality, questions about what has happened to James Cameron, Linda Blair trying to survive the night, some Dollarama specials, DMX getting “up in here, up in here” and so much more!