Episode 136: Mad Men, Werewolves, & Skateboarders?!

It’s a film smorgasbord as our viewing habits lately have been all over the place! From 60’s art deco, to 70’s thrillers and even Hilter’s brain(?!?).

This time out we both report on the third entries in the DEATH RACE and BEST OF THE BEST series, Josh talks about a 70’s crime effort starring the great Yaphet Kotto, we get “extreme” with an early Josh Brolin flick, Lucio Fulci makes a giallo, Ray Milland gets X-ray vision, there’s some ineffectual zombies, WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS and so much more!



Episode 135: Obscurities, Sequels, & Harrison Ford

We’ve really taken a deep dive into the annals of b-movies and obscure 70’s cinema for the latest episode as we have a duo of 70’s crime films, two 60’s horror films that would definitely be on a cheapo double bill and a S.E. Hinton adaptation NOBODY talks about.

That’s not nearly all though as we hit up a bunch of sequels including part two of the DEATH RACE and BEST OF THE BEST series, the French import GET IN, the messed up Australian true crime film HOUNDS OF LOVE, Josh continuing his journey into classic Universal horror, an unfortunate return to the land of Cheech & Chong, Harrison Ford both as a hero and an asshole, the surprisingly rad THE HEAD HUNTER and more!


Episode 134: Moore is Less (& Other Disasters)

What do you get when you have Dudley Moore trying to play a teenager? A disaster, that’s what!

However, that’s just one of the many things we come up against in the latest episode of GBW as we continue our pandemic viewing ways with Josh finishing up the STREET FIGHTER series, a duo of music based films with entirely different game plans, Mike Flanagan’s latest DOCTOR SLEEP, a nostalgic trip to 70’s Hollywood, wall-to-wall nudity (with a bit of body morphing thrown in), a listener recommendation that takes us to prison and much more!


Episode 133: Doing the Social Distance

We continue on our merry Skype-recorded pandemic path to bring you another episode filled with an assortment of movies we’ve been watching while spending most of our time indoors.

This time out it’s an eclectic mix of titles as Josh continues his Sonny Chiba STREET FIGHTER journey, Chris revisits a couple of movies he enjoyed during childhood with decidedly less enthusiastic results, Tommy Lee Jones proclaims THE PARK IS MINE, we get a double header of 2019 zombie horror comedies, Tom Savini gets the love he deserves, we tell Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding, Jr. to “chill” and much more!


Episode 132: The Pandemic Blues

These are strange times, people. We’ve got a global situation going on. We’ve been forced to spend all of our time indoors with only the occasional trip to the grocery store – unless you still have to work. Things have changed in so many ways. But we still have¬† movies.

For our first ever “recorded on Skype” episode we talk about all the films that have been keeping us occupied and distracted during these stressful past couple of weeks and it’s quite a mixed bag that includes Sonny Chiba’s THE STREET FIGHTER, a duo of dance themed films that both turn out to be better than expected, some buff beach bodies (and the ‘Hoff!), an 80’s surfing movie from the director of TUFF TURF, Mindy Clarke showing off a truly ‘killer’ body part, Eric Roberts trying to prove just who is THE BEST OF THE BEST and more!




Episode 131: Let’s Get Laid!

Ahh, high school. Something a lot of people look back upon fondly while some of us remember the frustration that was the opposite sex.

For this episode, we’ve decided to get “laid” as we’re listing our favourite teen sex comedies that we think you should check out. It’s a mixed bag as we veer from raunchy T&A, teen romance,¬† nerdy guys out to lose their virginity, and many more tales of high school irresponsibility.

First up we’re talking about what we watched as we compare both PET SEMATARY films, check out Synapse’s new blu-ray of HOT DOG… THE MOVIE, give Elvira’s first film a spin, Josh discovers the hell that is MMA sponsored cinema, Chris talks Leigh Whannell’s THE INVISIBLE MAN, Australia delivers a punk rock cyborg flick and much more!


Episode 130: 90’s-Now Sitcoms

Remember all those episodes ago when we covered our favourite 70’s and 80’s sitcoms? Yeah, neither do we (it was so long ago!). However, due to a listener request and the fact we did promise a follow-up, we’ve decided to each pick our five top choices for comedy television shows spanning from 1990 to present day.

What kinds of picks will we have? Why is Chris seemingly obsessed with workplace or teen themed sitcoms? Why does Josh have an affinity for savoring his television shows like fine wine? For answers to this, and more, you’ll just have to listen blah.

As always we begin by talking about what we’ve watched and it includes an unexpected duo of Italian “Poliziotteschi” films that both feature Ivan Rassimov, Josh checks out the 2019 version of PET SEMATARY, Laverne & Shirley’s Cindy Williams going undercover as a hooker, the Shaw Brothers craziness of THE OILY MANIAC, a duo of teen themed TV movies that just don’t deliver the goods, Josh discovers a top-notch 70’s gangster film during his VHS adventure, a tangent about (among other things) Sears catalogs and so much more!


Episode 129: Future Passed

Inspired by the fact that 1982’s Blade Runner was set in 2019 and it now officially the “past”. We’ve decided to look at movies that were futuristic at the time of release and are now outdated. How accurate were they on predicting the future? How much technology is incorrect? Just why the Hell are there so many apocalyptic gangs?

First up we talk about what we’ve been watching as Josh finally finishes his awful HELLRAISER journey, we both watched Jesse “The Body” Ventura stink up the place in a low-budget Canadian sci-fi flick, Anthony Edwards and Lance Henriksen team-up to fight crime, Josh gets to PAINT IT BLACK, Chris gives his take on 1917 and so much more!



Episode 128: War, Revenge & Summer(?)

It’s time for a round-up of fifteen films that, like the episode title says, focus on the act of revenge, the intensity of war and, um, summertime.

Josh gives his take on Oscar shoo-in 1917, Chris weighs in on most nominated Oscar contender JOKER, Oliver Reed goes for sweet sweet busting out of jail revenge in SITTING TARGET, Chris takes trips to both camp and school, Josh somehow manages to watch three(!) sequels including the ninth HELLRAISER flick, we get a documentary on Satanism, a look a Jennifer Kent’s lastest THE NIGHTINGALE and more!


Episode 127: Raising Hell & Other Problems

This time on GBW we’re talking about sixteen films of varied quality and what a batch of weirdness, mainstream and outright junk it is!

Josh took multiple trips to the theater (the theater!) to give his takes on the latest STAR WARS and UNDERWATER, Kevin Bacon is a bullying jerk, a body jumping monster causes havoc on a train, there’s a female version of the EXPENDABLES courtesy of The Asylum, river rafting goes sex comedy, Christian Slater proves he isn’t much of an action hero, we take another journey into the HELLRAISER universe, Adam Sandler makes his film debut, Wings Hauser and much more!