Episode 75: Music Concerts & Curios

It’s been said that music is the Devil’s tool. For the latest episode of GBW we’ve decided to each pick our top six favourite concert films as well as six music curios – for a total of 666 (insert Devil horns here). It’s a mixture of new wave, hippie culture, Americana, and even some dudes in funky costumes. So tune in and hear what our favourite filmed musical moments are.

First up, we talk about what we’ve been watching including Josh giving a second opinion on It, Baby Driver, and The Big Sick while Chris checked out mother! There’s also some Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise and his most asshole-ish, and some mercenaries who get up to all sorts of mischief. Plus much more!



Episode 74: Bond 1962-1971

Bond, James Bond. If that’s not one of the more famous film lines in history, we don’t know what is.

Welcome to the first of four episodes where we dive headfirst into the long-running and much loved James Bond series. Based on Ian Fleming’s novels, this series brought the world a macho, suave British spy who, when not busy bedding various females, is stopping the baddies from enacting their various (ridiculous) nefarious plots.

This first episode covers the years 1962-1971 where Sean Connery ruled the roost – apart from George Lazenby’s solo appearance in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We even decided to talk about 1983’s Never Say Never Again – just because.

Tune in as Josh relives some childhood memories, and finds them lacking at times, and Chris sees the series for the very first time!


Episode 73: The Lazy Days of Summer

Summer makes us lazy here at GBW. Plus, our planned episode just didn’t pan out. So, for this episode there is no topic and we’re talking about the abundant films we watched since last time.

We start off talking about attending Vancouver’s Cinemafantasique 3 Film Festival where we had a blast with Pool Party Massacre, checked out the latest Nuke ‘Em High film, met a psychotic Oliver, and enjoyed multiple short films.

From there it’s a smorgasbord of Kong, a Gun Woman, some amazons, some gladiators, a Blackcoat’s Daughter, some Fast Times, and much more!


Episode 72: Synapse Films

We here at GBW are avid movie collectors and this is one of the greatest times to be one as there are many labels out there delivering the goods. That’s why we decided to take a suggestion from a listener and start shining the spotlight on the companies we love.

Our first subject, the quality control obsessed Synapse Films. Formed in 1997, Synapse have delivered so many great titles in their twenty years of existence and don’t look to be slowing down one bit. If you need your fix of Italian horror, outrageous Asian horror, and low-budget horror you might not be aware of; Synapse will deliver.

As always we first talk about what we’ve been watching as Chris finally finishes the Police Academy series, Josh re-watches one of the greatest sex comedies of all-time, there’s more stoner comedy on tap, and much more!



Episode 71: Summer Camp

It’s a rite of passage when you’re a kid. Yes, we’re talking all about summer camp. We certainly don’t have great memories of going but lots of people out there do – which might explain why there’s quite a few movies set at camp be them horror, comedy, or something else. We talk about our favourites and a few you might not know about.

First up, we catch you up to speed on what we’ve watched including multiple trips to the theatre, a couple of franchise continuations, Marky Mark getting psycho, a T&A ‘bait & switch’, and much more!


Episode 70: Underrated 80’s

The 70’s were just the beginning! We welcome back past guest/filmmaker Vince D’Amato as a co-host for the second in our series of episodes where we’ll be diving back into the past five decades of film.

The 1980’s may go down as the most schizophrenic for movies but, like all decades, there’s some that just don’t get the attention and recognition they deserve and that’s where we come in! Josh, Chris, and Vince have all chosen ten films each that they feel deserve to be seen by movie fans everywhere and it’s quite an assortment of horror, action, horny teenagers, and much more – plus where else are you going to hear the sweet strains of the Ghostbusters theme?


Episode 69: Headed for the 80’s

Before getting down to business in episode 70 with our “UNDERRATED 80’s” lists, we invited past guest (and friend to the podcast) Vince D’Amato to join us for a pre-episode where we talk all about what we’ve watched since last episode.

We have another foray into Police Academy, some indie flicks you can find on Netflix, a handful of horror movies, Josh diving back into his VHS collection and much, much more!


Episode 68: It’s A Wrap

Universal debuted their “Dark Universe” line this past week with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and the reception was, shall we say, less than kind.

That’s where we come in as we’re here to tell you all about other films that contain some form of Egyptian curse that causes people to either shamble around wrapped in bandages looking for revenge, get possessed by some form of ancient goddess, or go tomb raiding. From the classics, to the lesser known, and (yes) even the Cruise film are mentioned.

First we’re talking about what we watched including two trips to the theatres to see a butt-kicking female superhero and a deceivingly marketed ‘horror’ film, Chris continuing his journey through an ensemble comedy series, two ‘killer kids’ movies, some heavy metal horror mayhem, another dive into Josh’s over-stuffed VHS collection and much more!


Episode 67: 3D

Are you ready for the third dimension?

For this episode we tackle 3D. From its heyday in the 1950’s, its impact on the cinema-going experience, the fact that it was considered a “fad”, and its eventual resurgence in modern times. We also give our opinions on the format and talk about our favourites that used 3D to their advantage.

First up we’ve got a lot of films we’ve watched between episodes ranging from a bunch of low-brow comedies, an alien taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the debut film from a stoner duo, Josh being amazed at Chris’ quickness mentioning an obscure director, and much more!


Episode 66: Scream Queens

Linnea. Brinke. Michelle. If those three names paired together make sense to you, then this is the episode you want to hear! Actresses who have made a career appearing in numerous horror flicks have been given the title “Scream Queen” but what exactly does that mean? We go through our definition of the term, who we think are the earliest examples of the type, the actresses we think deserve the term, and (of course) the trio we mentioned above.

First up, we talk about what we’ve been watching including our big screen adventures with The Evil In Us and The Descent, some questionable comedy choices we made that include guys in drag as well as Adam Sandler and some police recruits, a bunch of Dollarama choices, and much more!