Episode 181: Film-A-Mania!

Put on your legwarmers, perform a ritual to make you immortal and hop on your motorbike as we journey through 18 new films on this episode.

This time we haveĀ an Oscar contender that leads to a huge rant/tangent, a look at what happens when blaxploitation meets a famous monster, proof that exercise leads to nothing but death, a biker movie with a difference, a 90’s crazy girl movie that delivers the goods, Ron Howard again driving recklessly, us questioning Michael Moore’s intentions, Leatherface’s newest killing spree, and so much more!

Episode 180: Our Band Rules

Ready to jam?

This time out we somehow talk about five(!) films involving music, Lorenzo Lamas sports a ponytail and kicks some ass, Josh questions a kid’s mental stability, Chris talks about an obscure TV movie that rips off RANSOM, Neal Israel makes a return to the show, Jessica Chastain and Jared Leto both give transformative performances, PSYCHO GOREMAN makes an appearance and so much more!

Episode 179: You Got Your Noir in My Giallo!

Welcome back to the film review podcast where everything and anything goes!

We have 19 entries to talk about this time including some female arm wrestling, Gene Hackman getting caught behind enemy lines in Vietnam, a duo of noir films, a penis transplant, Dean Cameron as a not-so-rocking vampire, beauty pageant nuttiness with Bruce Dern, a slasher in a movie theatre, a second opinion on TITANE and so much more!

Episode 178: Guns, Lions & Mausoleum… Oh My!

If you would’ve told us that between episodes we’d watch some movies that are so over-the-top and bizarre, we’d possibly have called you a liar – but, no, we did just that!

This time out we have Sylvester Stallone donning some cool shades, a group of teens desperately trying to see The Beatles, a hot air balloon movie that asks you to “float” (it’ll all make sense, trust us), one of the craziest and irresponsible animal films EVER made, a stone-cold noir classic, a 1983 horror flick that delivers the over-the-top goods, Josh finishing off the H.G. Lewis box set, Chris checking out Sean Baker’s latest RED ROCKET, and so much more!

Episode 177: Sad Explosions

This episode it’s a literal explosion of sadness and, well, explosions, as we dive into twenty more films.

We continue on Josh’s journey through the H.G. Lewis box set, completely understand why Fred Dryer didn’t become an action star in the 80’s, get lost in the world of John Waters, see Jason Statham track down a cop killer, discover the 70’s western THE HUNTING PARTY, try to understand survivalists, revisit the original MAD MAX, and so much more!

Episode 176: Wizards! Aliens! Cat Juice!

Hey! It’s 2022! Here’s our first episode of this new year and it’s quite a mixed batch of films (almost twenty, in fact) which is why this show’s title makes no sense out-of-context.

In tribute to the recently passed Sidney Poitier, we cover two of his films (one a classic, the other not-so-much. Josh revisits a remake which gets way more talking time than it probably deserves, Crispin Glover shocks absolutely nobody by being weird, Olivia Colman turns in another great performance in THE LOST DAUGHTER, a woman is chainsawed in half, we look at a crazy vanity project, Chris crosses another “should have already seen” film off his list, we talk a duo of French films and so much more!

Episode 175: Digging 2021’s Grave

Let’s be completely honest with each other here. 2021 kind of sucked. It’s time to say goodbye to another COVID riddled year and hope 2022 is better. We’ll always have movies, though!

For the last GBW of ’21 we’ve got quite a batch of films for you (over 20, in fact!) including possibly the only foosball movie in existence, a look at P.T. Anderson’s return to the 70’s LICORICE PIZZA, we praise Andy Sidaris and his L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies, Eric Stoltz goes on the run after murdering his father, Julia Ducournau earns her ‘visionary’ title with TITANE, Aubrey Plaza gets super weird out in cottage country, New York graffiti artists get their due, Tom Selleck proves to be a worthy western hero, Chuck Norris takes on a serial killer, and so much more!

Episode 174: Having a Killer Christmas


To lead you into the Christmas season we here at GBW are bringing you a look at 21 films with a bit of a holiday slant as we bring you a couple of killer Santas and a revisit to Bob Clark’s BLACK CHRISTMAS amongst all the various mayhem you’ve come to expect from our viewing habits.

We get down with Isaac Hayes in TRUCK TURNER, there’s a space vampire on the prowl, Jack Nicholson plays a werewolf in the most 90’s of ways, Josh discovers JEREMY, De Niro and Travolta go mano a mano, there’s killer cast on hand to play the staff of an underground newspaper, Chris continues his noir education, and much more!

Episode 173: Bringing the Cool (Sometimes)

This episode of the legit GBW we’re talking about twenty-two films and it’s an odd batch of obscurities, bikers, Blumhouse, and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a drug smuggling George Clooney, we’ve got you covered. If you want Willem Dafoe as a cool leather-jacketed biker, we’ve got you covered. If you want to get RAD, we’ve definitely got you covered. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

Josh continues his viewing of the H.G. Lewis box set, we talk about a 1988 Elm Street riffing horror/thriller, we get caught in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, various sea creatures make life miserable for humans, the Go-Go’s get their due, we get what seems to be a Lifetime-like teen movie go completely off the rails, Chris is not happy with M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, and so much more!

Episode 172: Tough Guys, Ninjas, & Hookers

“You see here, we’re gonna talk ’bout twenty-one movies and you mooks is gonna listen… unless you want me to unleash a gun-touting teenage prostitute and COMMANDO NINJA on your behind…”

This time out we watched documentaries about both nudity and old school special effects (yeah, weird combo), Chris continues his film noir education with TOUCH OF EVIL, Rocky goes montage crazy, sorority girls pick-on the wrong telekinetic teen, we learn that calling a PARTY LINE can cost you your life, there’s mayhem at a haunted mansion, Josh gets super obscure with Carl Schenkel’s STRIKE BACK, a serial killer stalks 80’s Hollywood Boulevard and so much more!