Episode 89: Jennifer Jason Leigh (Never Bad)

After proclaiming Jennifer Jason Leigh as being “NEVER BAD” on our underrated 90’s episode, we’ve now decided to dedicate an entire episode to one of our generation’s finest, and somewhat underrated, actors. From her start in a slasher movie, the iconic role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and her stealing the show in The Hateful Eight; JJL always delivers the goods!

As always we start by talking about what we’ve been watching including a pair of documentaries, some Billy Zane goodness, an obscure 80’s sex comedy, a “new beginning” for Jason Vorhees, and so much more!



Episode 88: Revisit Revision

Ever seen a movie and either loved it or hated it only to come back to it a little bit later and have your opinion make a complete 360? It’s happened to all of us and for this episode of GBW we’ve decided to each pick five films which we changed our minds on after watching it a second time. Or a REVISIT REVISION as it were.

As always, we start by talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s a list of 17(!) films that range from multiple documentaries, a couple of “never seen before” films, some video game related viewing, and a heck of a lot more!


Episode 87: No Penetration

What happens when a star from the XXX world decides to try to cross over into the mainstream? What motivates them, how successful will they be doing so, and just how many bad b-movies can they star in? We’ve decided to talk about when “porn goes legit” and our memories of first seeing names like Ginger Lynn, Traci Lords, and Veronica Hart in the credits of movies we didn’t have to sneak into a secret room in order to rent.

First we’re talking about what we’ve watched including a sequel that’s truly ‘corny’, some 70s crime by way of Walter Hill, a handful of questionable comedy choices, women bodybuilders that fascinate Josh, and much more!


Episode 86: Blue Underground

As huge supporters of physical media (just look at our insane collections for proof), we here at GBW are doing a series of episodes that spotlight some of the boutique labels that are releasing the kinds of films we love to purchase, watch, and talk about.

This time out we’re talking Blue Underground. Headed by filmmaker William Lustig (Maniac, Vigilante), BU has been bringing us quality releases since 2003 and we’ve decided to each make top five lists of what we consider to be the essential titles you’ll want to own. We’ve got Australian weirdness, mannequin love, zombies, and even some mondo!

But first we talk about what we’ve been watching including Meryl Streep, a teen focused movie with a terrible title, Shannon Tweed, Patchwork, and much more!


Episode 85: The Ninja Trilogy

It’s time to return to franchise territory as we’re heading back to the early 1980’s and a (not really) trilogy courtesy of one of our favourite 1980’s companies Cannon Films. This time out we’re looking at Enter the NinjaRevenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination which are the main films responsible for bringing the Japanese art of Ninjutsu to the North American masses. It was also our first exposure to the ultra cool Sho Kosugi. These are three films that helped shape our love of those black clad, gadget wielding silent killers and all of the low brow action flicks from the duo of Golan-Globus.

As usual, we start with what we’ve been watching including a handful of low-budget horror with varying results, a comedy that had Chris questioning just what the Hell was going on in 1987, some homosexual bees(?), and much more!


Episode 84: The Hooper

We’ve gone overboard on this episode of GBW! Before we hit our topic we talk about 17 (17!!) different films including a movie that will make you yell “SHAKMA!”, some superhero action, a Satanic babysitter, Casper Van Dien getting macho, an Oscar nominee, and much more!

After that we found it appropriate to shine the light on director Tobe Hooper. Recently taken away from genre fans, Tobe will never be forgotten thanks to making such classics as The Texas Chain Saw MassacrePoltergeist, and (yes, we’re calling it a classic – in a wtf way) Lifeforce. We talk about our favourites of his filmography and why we think he deserves the title as one of the “Masters of Horror”.


Episode 83: Best Buddies

They may not get along at first but eventually these silver screen duos learn to work together and, in some cases, even become the best of pals.

For this episode of GBW we’ve taken inspiration from such “buddy” films as Walter Hill’s 48 Hrs. to compile lists of our favourites within the sub-genre. Will Riggs and Murtagh make the list? Just how many times can Chris bring up a certain movie (you’ll see)? Will there be any curveball choices? How often will Shane Black’s name come up?

Tune in to find out but first, as always, we’re talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s a mixture of a certain crappy delayed horror sequel, superheroes, Indiana Jones cribbing adventure, cross dressing, and much more!


Episode 82: 2017 Recap

For our first episode of 2018, GBW has decided to do our annual recap episode where we’ve picked our five favourite films of 2017, list the ones that didn’t quite make the cut, and all talk about the films we’re looking forward to this year.

Did Josh manage to make five picks despite thinking 2017 was a horrible year for film and how did Chris cut down his large list of contenders? Will there be arguments? Will your favourite make the cut? And will they both have the same top pick like 2016? You’ll have to listen to find out.

As usual we kick-off by first talking about what we’ve been watching. This includes some horror, action, some mannequin sex, and a whole lot more!


Episode 81: Underrated 90’s

Time again for us to welcome back past guest Vince D’Amato for some “UNDERRATED” goodness! And what a marathon it turns out to be this time!

We all agreed that the 70’s and 80’s seemed to be the best decades for films but all three of us were quite surprised at just how many movies made their way onto our lists when diving into the 90’s. And what a selection it turns out to be this time with an abundant number of Canadian films, some twisted horror, a zombie comedy, a selection that caused quite a bit of argument, and the declaration that Jennifer Jason Leigh is never bad.

Tune in and hear what ten movies each of us think you should go back and check out as we found them to be truly underrated.


Episode 80: We Watched Stuff Redux

It’s been a little while since we’ve discussed all the movies we’re constantly watching so, for this episode in between guests, we decided just to talk all about the films that made their way onto our television screens.

There’s some 80’s wrestling action, Josh gets heavily into films that feature both cops AND hookers, some menacing sharks, crazy cult leaders, the expected ‘VHS Adventure’ and a whole lot more!