Episode 100: Top Ten All-Time (For Now)

It’s time to celebrate! Four years ago when we started this podcast, we had absolutely no clue what we were doing (DON’T listen to episode one) and were doing it to get on the ‘bandwagon’ as it were. Now it’s 100 episodes later and we’re still here, still talking way too much and too long about movies, and we’re still friends.

We’ve delivered the goods with this 4+ hour show where we get the opportunity to talk about our favourite podcasting moments as well as deciding to have a little bit of fun and let you all know both of our all-time top ten films. The (For Now) being because some of these might not stay on our lists forever – but chances are most of them will. If you’ve listened to the show some may be blatantly obvious. However, maybe there will be some surprises also.

As usual we start by talking about what we’ve been watching including a brand new HALLOWEEN movie in 2018, Josh breaking the shrink wrap on a bunch of his Arrow and Scream Factory purchases, a ragtag group of baseball kids, a curse laden rant about a film starring the 80’s “Brat Pack” and much more!



Episode 99: Movies in Movies

With all the talk of things being “meta” and breaking the fourth wall we decided to look at movies that contain, well, movies. We’ve compiled a list of films that involve actual filmmaking: a film-within-a-film as it were. With so much to chose from we mention some of the titles worth seeking out and it includes some Kevin Smith, Steve Buscemi and our man Burt. We also go on A LOT of tangents involving soap operas and bad Seinfeld impressions – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

As usual we start by talking about what we’ve been watching including a duo of disaster films, Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy, JJL proving yet again she’s ‘never bad’, one of Chris’ ultimate favourite 90’s comedies, a depressing VHS adventure, and so much more!


Episode 98: It’s A Disaster!

There’s nothing we like here at GBW than a nice disaster. And because of this, we’ve decided to list five of our favourite “disaster” movies. We’re talking ensemble casts thrown into life threatening situations usually because of some form of tragedy – or, if you’re Chris, you’ve decided to broaden the definition of just what a disaster movie is while Josh looks on incredulously.

As usual we start by talking about what we’ve been watching including The Predator, a Warriors/Mad Max inspired film starring Kate Bosworth, a duo of slasher films that just didn’t do it for us, Richard Hatch busting some skulls 1989 style, and so much more!



Episode 97: Vinegar Syndrome

In a physical media world where boutique labels and collectors are becoming more and more prevalent we’re willing to bet there’s none quite as eccentric as Vinegar Syndrome.

For the past five years, they’ve delivered cult, exploitation, blaxploitation, horror, XXX, and many more obscure, and just plain bizarre, films that we never imagined would arrive on DVD and in HD on Blu-ray. From an underrated slasher like Slaughterhouse, to the high class XXX of Blue Ice, Rudy Ray Moore films galore and even Clint Howard as a psychotic Ice Cream Man; Vinegar Syndrome titles always guarantee something different.

Besides, how could we not love a company willing to release one of our all time favourite cult films, Raw Force, on Blu-ray?

First up, we talk all about what we’ve been watching and including the recent theatrical release Searching, a duo of IFC Midnight releases, a little bit of Revenge, Christian Slater shredding it on a skateboard, Chris discovers two movies from 2017 he did not like at all, Josh gushes over The Theta Girl, and much more!



Episode 96: TV Party

Growing up through the 70’s and 80’s was a glorious time. We know they currently are proclaiming the Netflix era as “the golden age of TV” but we really beg to differ as, when we were kids, every single week on all three of the big networks we were able to tune in and see a brand new movie starring some of the most recognizable faces in pop culture.

For this episode we’ve both picked five TV movies that we think you should definitely try to track down. We’ve got teenage hitchhikers, nuclear annihilation, high drama, killer bees, a reanimated scarecrow and so much more! Plus we may have ended up going on a few rants here and there.


Episode 95: Underrated 00’s

Ready for a marathon? As with our previous three “UNDERRATED” episodes we’ve invited back filmmaker/distributor Vince D’Amato to discuss another decade as we pick ten films each we consider to be films that just don’t get the kind of love they deserve.

There’s certainly an eclectic mix this time out with Vince bringing the deep cuts, Chris delivering a list of more mainstream films nobody went to see in the theatres, and Josh letting his goth roots of the decade show and depressing us all (well, mostly).

Tune in and hear what ten movies from 2000-2009 that each of us think you should go back and check out as we found them to be truly underrated.



Episode 94: Back in the Saddle

Seeing as it’s Summer (and with Summer comes long vacations) we had a giant gap between recording episodes giving us lots of time to watch movies – and watch them we did.

This time we’re talking about 19(!!) films including a return of waterbeds, a sci-fi series that Josh thinks was unfairly treated, legendary director William Friedkin’s new documentary The Devil & Father Amorth, a 60’s trip to the beach, a film that proves just how rad the ‘kumite” really is, a duo of Lifetime Network films, a continuing trip into the collaborations between Vincent Price and Roger Corman, and so much more!


Episode 93: Tough Guys

Where have all the macho dudes gone? There was a time in film when the toughest of the tough could walk onto the screen, ooze cool, and take control of a room. Effortless. Cool. Bad ass. For this episode we’ve decided to talk all about our favourite tough guys. Actors who just ooze testosterone and make all other guys look like little girls.

As usual we start with what we’ve been watching and have a quite in-depth discussion about waterbeds, talk about the latest dinosaur rampage hitting theatres, a 70’s trip into Satanism, and a whole heck of a lot more!


Episode 92: The Neutered Nineties

Is it possible that there’s another decade of horror films that is more maligned than the 1990’s? Probably not.

That’s why for this episode of GBW we’ve decided to look back at the “Neutered Nineties” and have each come up with a list of five films from the decade we think you should definitely check out. It runs the gamut from demons, zombies, gory comedy, slicing and dicing, and a certain hook-handed killer. Plus a few that ended up just shy of making our lists.

As usual we start with what we’ve been watching where one of us gives you their take on Hereditary, we’ve scoured our Dollarama and cheap DVD’s for things to dump off to the thrift store (with varying results), we get a double shot of Danny Glover, and the VHS adventure gets a little bit 80’s New York sleazy. Plus much more!


Episode 91: Aquatic Killers

We’re sticking to the wading pool for this one! For this GBW we’ve decided to each list five aquatic horror films that we think you should check out. Obviously, we know Jaws is the ultimate but, seeing as we did an episode on the series, that won’t be here. Yes, some of these are also not exactly classics but what you’ll get are sharks, tentacles, and even some toothy little bastards.

First and foremost, as we’ve been away for a bit so we have sixteen(!) films we’ve watched in the meantime including the glorious documentary King Cohen, a couple of horror films we probably would’ve been better off not bothering with, some more Elliott Gould 70’s coolness, a teaming of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi that couldn’t have been much weirder, and a whole lot more!