Episode 130: 90’s-Now Sitcoms

Remember all those episodes ago when we covered our favourite 70’s and 80’s sitcoms? Yeah, neither do we (it was so long ago!). However, due to a listener request and the fact we did promise a follow-up, we’ve decided to each pick our five top choices for comedy television shows spanning from 1990 to present day.

What kinds of picks will we have? Why is Chris seemingly obsessed with workplace or teen themed sitcoms? Why does Josh have an affinity for savoring his television shows like fine wine? For answers to this, and more, you’ll just have to listen blah.

As always we begin by talking about what we’ve watched and it includes an unexpected duo of Italian “Poliziotteschi” films that both feature Ivan Rassimov, Josh checks out the 2019 version of PET SEMATARY, Laverne & Shirley’s Cindy Williams going undercover as a hooker, the Shaw Brothers craziness of THE OILY MANIAC, a duo of teen themed TV movies that just don’t deliver the goods, Josh discovers a top-notch 70’s gangster film during his VHS adventure, a tangent about (among other things) Sears catalogs and so much more!


Episode 129: Future Passed

Inspired by the fact that 1982’s Blade Runner was set in 2019 and it now officially the “past”. We’ve decided to look at movies that were futuristic at the time of release and are now outdated. How accurate were they on predicting the future? How much technology is incorrect? Just why the Hell are there so many apocalyptic gangs?

First up we talk about what we’ve been watching as Josh finally finishes his awful HELLRAISER journey, we both watched Jesse “The Body” Ventura stink up the place in a low-budget Canadian sci-fi flick, Anthony Edwards and Lance Henriksen team-up to fight crime, Josh gets to PAINT IT BLACK, Chris gives his take on 1917 and so much more!



Episode 128: War, Revenge & Summer(?)

It’s time for a round-up of fifteen films that, like the episode title says, focus on the act of revenge, the intensity of war and, um, summertime.

Josh gives his take on Oscar shoo-in 1917, Chris weighs in on most nominated Oscar contender JOKER, Oliver Reed goes for sweet sweet busting out of jail revenge in SITTING TARGET, Chris takes trips to both camp and school, Josh somehow manages to watch three(!) sequels including the ninth HELLRAISER flick, we get a documentary on Satanism, a look a Jennifer Kent’s lastest THE NIGHTINGALE and more!


Episode 127: Raising Hell & Other Problems

This time on GBW we’re talking about sixteen films of varied quality and what a batch of weirdness, mainstream and outright junk it is!

Josh took multiple trips to the theater (the theater!) to give his takes on the latest STAR WARS and UNDERWATER, Kevin Bacon is a bullying jerk, a body jumping monster causes havoc on a train, there’s a female version of the EXPENDABLES courtesy of The Asylum, river rafting goes sex comedy, Christian Slater proves he isn’t much of an action hero, we take another journey into the HELLRAISER universe, Adam Sandler makes his film debut, Wings Hauser and much more!


Episode 126: 2019 Recap

It’s the end of a decade and for our first episode of 2020 we’re doing our annual recap of the previous year. We both pick our five favourites of 2019, list some honourable mentions and tell you all the movies we’re looking forward to in the coming twelve months.

Did any of your choices make our lists? Is Josh sure to choose something totally obscure? Will we have any of the same titles? Just how many genre films made the cut?

You’ll have to tune in to find out but, first up, we’ll fill you in on what we’ve been watching between episodes including a holiday themed horror musical, a couple of franchise entries that have us wondering what we’re doing to ourselves, a bunch of 2019 films that just didn’t make the cut, Josh has a PREMONITION, a documentary on one of horror’s biggest icons, a trip to PRIVATE SCHOOL and much more!


Episode 125: Lethal Weapon Franchise

It’s time for us to dive back into franchise territory. This time instead of Chuck, ninjas and robotic cops we’ve decided to tackle a series that was a surprise hit when it began in 1987 and only continued to be more and more popular. But does it deserve such mainstream love?

This is a question that needs an answer and we sat through all four films (in a compressed space of time) to try and figure out why this buddy cop series pairing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with Richard Donner at the helm garnered such love. Along the way we complain about property damage, Joe Pesci, a tonal shift that’s hard to handle and the fact that Gibson’s Riggs is just a complete and utter jerk.

As usual we begin with what we’ve watching including our alternative take on Fred Durst’s THE FANATIC, another visit to the Hellraiser universe, see Dennis Quaid go crazy coo-coo, (sort of) learn about Boogaloo Shrimp, get our KNIVES OUT and much more!


Episode 124: The Craven

After doing episodes on such favourites as John Carpenter, John Landis, Tom Savini, Tobe Hooper and others; we realized that we were missing one of horror’s luminaries: Wes Craven.

From his early beginnings working with Sean S. Cunningham, his days in the XXX film industry, his reinvention of the horror landscape not once but twice, directing Meryl Streep to an Oscar nomination, and everything in-between we take a look at the man and his films going over our favourites and why we feel his movies deserve to stand the test of time. Sure, they weren’t all zingers but you can’t deny how important his career would be for the genre.

As always we begin by talking about what we’ve been watching which includes a teenage girl’s obsession with a killer, an introduction to the doppelganger we call Robert Bronzi, a TV film with a serious message that still offers dated entertainment, WWE takes on slasher movies as Josh watched BOTH See No Evil entries, a look at this year’s most divisive film JOJO RABBIT, the triumphant return of the Wilderness Family and so much more!


Episode 123: 70’s Kids Flicks

Because we love delivering episodes that seem super weird coming from a podcast focused mostly on cult, horror and exploitation film, we’ve decided to revisit our youth. Specifically our under ten years.

Being kids of the 70’s/80’s, we grew up through a crazy time where a lot of the things considered children’s entertainment would probably not fly these days – as witnessed by a few of the movies on our lists!

We’ve each picked five films we grew up on that made a lasting impact on us and it’s quite an assortment with the expected Disney live-action fare, animals galore, kids being punished for wanting candy, athletic prowess and even alcoholism(?!).

First up, we discuss what we have been watching between episodes as Josh tells us about his double feature of two classic zombie films, Chris continues to lament 2019 horror films, more sequels crossed our paths, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta have some intense exercising, Chris takes a surreal trip to THE LIGHTHOUSE, and we both watched Bong Joon-Ho’s latest, PARASITE. Plus more!


Episode 122: Halloween Party

All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us and during this time of tricks, treats and ghouls in the night we’ve decided to each come up with a list of five movies that would make perfect viewing for any Halloween get together you and your friends might be planning.

Our only restrictions were that they had to be of the horror-comedy ilk and that they had to play well to a crowd. The results? A whole lot of zombies causing havoc, a late night TV hostess, an adaptation of a cartoon strip, a loving homage of 50’s creature features and more.

To kick off we talk about the 19(!) films we’ve watched since last episode and seeing as this is a Halloween themed one it’s mostly horror – but we weren’t the best at picking the best quality horror – as Josh dives back into the HELLRAISER sequels, Chris headed to the theatre for two anniversary screenings, we cover a couple of anthology films with good credentials and much, much more!


Episode 121: Full Moon

Formed in 1988 from the ashes of Empire Pictures, Charles Band’s FULL MOON has been delivering all sorts of b-movie madness in their thirty-plus year existence. It’s a ride that includes killer puppets, demonic toys, freaks, shrunken heads, miniature humans and even evil bongs(?!).

We welcome back past guest, Vince D’Amato, to talk about what Full Moon means to us and have each chosen five of their releases that we think you should check out if you want to know just what a Full Moon experience truly is.

First, as usual, we kick it off talking about what we’ve been watching including a few Netflix originals, a Japanese zombie movie with a difference, rampaging animals galore, one of the most bizarre early 80’s big studio films ever, some time travelling murder, a four-boobed medieval stripper and so much more!