Episode 141: We Like To Watch

While not quite on the voyeurism level of one of the featured movies this time out, we here at GBW continue to watch way more films than it is sane to do so meaning that you should get ready for another marathon.

Apart from the aforementioned, BODY DOUBLE, we’ve got quite a mix for you this time with an early Joe Dante effort, a comedy that leaves us perplexed about Dudley Moore’s popularity in the 80’s, a dive back into classic Universal horror as well as the start of a Hammer Films journey, a look at the new Artsploitation release DEAD DICKS, some Bronson, Michael Keaton getting all domesticated, crazy Indonesian martial arts, Spanish horror effort THE PLATFORM and much more!


Episode 140: Midnight Thud

Continuing our heavy movie watching diets during this global pandemic; on this outing of GBW we’re talking about sixteen different films including a pair we both watched and (surprisingly) had the same opinion on.

We’re also getting down with animal attacks, 80’s computer romance, more of Josh’s look at the 200 film Mill Creek set, a Pierce Brosnan movie you’ve probably never heard of (and shouldn’t want to), a couple of third entries in series involving goth-y body mods and prison brawling, one of only two existing bike courier movies, an ill-advised remake, a look at the recent Shudder addition THE POOL and much more!


Episode 139: Attack of the TV Movies (and More)

Prepare yourselves for a movie review marathon as we talk about twenty-two different films spanning all sorts of genre, quality levels, decades and formats!

We kick things off with the 1975 TV movie SWEET HOSTAGE and don’t look back from there with multiple trips to various Warner Archive releases, a punk rock documentary, a pair of 80’s comedies of varying quality, Josh taking a trip to FANTASY ISLAND, Al Pacino doing some CRUISING, a buddy cop comedy that never made it past VHS, Josh continuing his journey through the 200 film Mill Creek box set, a 1982 “Say No To Drugs” TV movie that doesn’t fail to entertain and much more!


Episode 138: No Rhyme. No Reason.

It’s pretty impossible to even try and figure out just what our viewing habits were this episode because they were all over the damn place!

This time we’re talking sixteen films that pretty much cover all the bases. There’s the classic psychological horror of DON’T LOOK NOW, an early Chuck Norris film that does nothing but disappoint, John Wayne fighting fires, vampires that love to party, a mobster comedy from the director of Revenge of the Nerds, a super obscure 80’s movie that’s trying too hard to be a David Lynch film, Uwe Boll, Richard Pryor getting filthy rich and much more!


Episode 137: Tarantulas, Orcas, & Snakes (Oh My!)

What happens when we both watch movies involving killer tarantulas, whales and snakes in the same episode? Awesomeness, that’s what!

It’s sixteen movies that crossed our eyeballs since last episode as we both finish our respective treks through the BEST OF THE BEST and DEATH RACE franchises, Martin Sheen being a creep with a thing for underage girls, more classic Universal monsters, a cast of b-movie vets kicking-ass in VFW, Stacy Keach in a 70’s British crime flick, a Sam Elliott movie with a deceiving title, Bo Derek being molested by a chimp and much more!


Episode 136: Mad Men, Werewolves, & Skateboarders?!

It’s a film smorgasbord as our viewing habits lately have been all over the place! From 60’s art deco, to 70’s thrillers and even Hilter’s brain(?!?).

This time out we both report on the third entries in the DEATH RACE and BEST OF THE BEST series, Josh talks about a 70’s crime effort starring the great Yaphet Kotto, we get “extreme” with an early Josh Brolin flick, Lucio Fulci makes a giallo, Ray Milland gets X-ray vision, there’s some ineffectual zombies, WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS and so much more!


Episode 135: Obscurities, Sequels, & Harrison Ford

We’ve really taken a deep dive into the annals of b-movies and obscure 70’s cinema for the latest episode as we have a duo of 70’s crime films, two 60’s horror films that would definitely be on a cheapo double bill and a S.E. Hinton adaptation NOBODY talks about.

That’s not nearly all though as we hit up a bunch of sequels including part two of the DEATH RACE and BEST OF THE BEST series, the French import GET IN, the messed up Australian true crime film HOUNDS OF LOVE, Josh continuing his journey into classic Universal horror, an unfortunate return to the land of Cheech & Chong, Harrison Ford both as a hero and an asshole, the surprisingly rad THE HEAD HUNTER and more!


Episode 134: Moore is Less (& Other Disasters)

What do you get when you have Dudley Moore trying to play a teenager? A disaster, that’s what!

However, that’s just one of the many things we come up against in the latest episode of GBW as we continue our pandemic viewing ways with Josh finishing up the STREET FIGHTER series, a duo of music based films with entirely different game plans, Mike Flanagan’s latest DOCTOR SLEEP, a nostalgic trip to 70’s Hollywood, wall-to-wall nudity (with a bit of body morphing thrown in), a listener recommendation that takes us to prison and much more!


Episode 133: Doing the Social Distance

We continue on our merry Skype-recorded pandemic path to bring you another episode filled with an assortment of movies we’ve been watching while spending most of our time indoors.

This time out it’s an eclectic mix of titles as Josh continues his Sonny Chiba STREET FIGHTER journey, Chris revisits a couple of movies he enjoyed during childhood with decidedly less enthusiastic results, Tommy Lee Jones proclaims THE PARK IS MINE, we get a double header of 2019 zombie horror comedies, Tom Savini gets the love he deserves, we tell Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding, Jr. to “chill” and much more!


Episode 132: The Pandemic Blues

These are strange times, people. We’ve got a global situation going on. We’ve been forced to spend all of our time indoors with only the occasional trip to the grocery store – unless you still have to work. Things have changed in so many ways. But we still haveĀ  movies.

For our first ever “recorded on Skype” episode we talk about all the films that have been keeping us occupied and distracted during these stressful past couple of weeks and it’s quite a mixed bag that includes Sonny Chiba’s THE STREET FIGHTER, a duo of dance themed films that both turn out to be better than expected, some buff beach bodies (and the ‘Hoff!), an 80’s surfing movie from the director of TUFF TURF, Mindy Clarke showing off a truly ‘killer’ body part, Eric Roberts trying to prove just who is THE BEST OF THE BEST and more!