Episode 69: Headed for the 80’s

Before getting down to business in episode 70 with our “UNDERRATED 80’s” lists, we invited past guest (and friend to the podcast) Vince D’Amato to join us for a pre-episode where we talk all about what we’ve watched since last episode.

We have another foray into Police Academy, some indie flicks you can find on Netflix, a handful of horror movies, Josh diving back into his VHS collection and much, much more!



Episode 68: It’s A Wrap

Universal debuted their “Dark Universe” line this past week with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and the reception was, shall we say, less than kind.

That’s where we come in as we’re here to tell you all about other films that contain some form of Egyptian curse that causes people to either shamble around wrapped in bandages looking for revenge, get possessed by some form of ancient goddess, or go tomb raiding. From the classics, to the lesser known, and (yes) even the Cruise film are mentioned.

First we’re talking about what we watched including two trips to the theatres to see a butt-kicking female superhero and a deceivingly marketed ‘horror’ film, Chris continuing his journey through an ensemble comedy series, two ‘killer kids’ movies, some heavy metal horror mayhem, another dive into Josh’s over-stuffed VHS collection and much more!


Episode 67: 3D

Are you ready for the third dimension?

For this episode we tackle 3D. From its heyday in the 1950’s, its impact on the cinema-going experience, the fact that it was considered a “fad”, and its eventual resurgence in modern times. We also give our opinions on the format and talk about our favourites that used 3D to their advantage.

First up we’ve got a lot of films we’ve watched between episodes ranging from a bunch of low-brow comedies, an alien taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the debut film from a stoner duo, Josh being amazed at Chris’ quickness mentioning an obscure director, and much more!


Episode 66: Scream Queens

Linnea. Brinke. Michelle. If those three names paired together make sense to you, then this is the episode you want to hear! Actresses who have made a career appearing in numerous horror flicks have been given the title “Scream Queen” but what exactly does that mean? We go through our definition of the term, who we think are the earliest examples of the type, the actresses we think deserve the term, and (of course) the trio we mentioned above.

First up, we talk about what we’ve been watching including our big screen adventures with The Evil In Us and The Descent, some questionable comedy choices we made that include guys in drag as well as Adam Sandler and some police recruits, a bunch of Dollarama choices, and much more!



Episode 65: Musicians Who Act

For this episode, we’ve decided to pick our favourite musicians who took a turn at acting as well. We’re not talking attempted ‘starmaking’ vehicles like Britney Spears in Crossroads or Mariah Carey in “Glitter” – we’re talking musicians who actually made a go of stepping in front of the camera and had success doing so. It’s a varied list filled with names you might (and might not) expect.

First up, we talk about what we’ve been watching and this time we both report back from seeing Free Fire on the big screen, wax figures that come alive to kill, a movie gets “gonged”, ex-NFL player Howie Long tries to go all action hero, Josh has issues with Ferris, and much more!


Episode 64: Jackie Kong

Jackie Kong has directed such films as The Being, Night Patrol and the cult classic Blood Diner. We got the opportunity to sit down with her before a midnight screening of Blood Diner to talk about her career, the longevity of her films, and the struggles of being a female filmmaker in a male dominated industry. Along the way we have a few laughs, hear a few stories, and get an exclusive on her ongoing “Blood Diner Insanity Tour”.

After the interview be sure to stick around to hear us talk about what we’ve been watching and, while it might not be the best of films, there are giant robots, golf course mayhem, werewolves, and much more!

Visit Jackie on the web at https://www.facebook.com/findingsheetar/


Episode 63: We Watched Stuff

After a three week hiatus in which co-host Josh was on vacation, we ended up watching way too much stuff!

First off, Josh tells us all about the cool and bizarre things he saw on his two week jaunt to Japan and then we get down to the business at hand: talking about movies! We get a best picture Oscar winner, an 80’s slasher Chris actually hasn’t seen, Chris is told to GET OUT, Josh goes on a lengthy rant about the new Kong movie, and so much more!


Episode 62: Underrated 70’s

Strap yourselves in for a marathon! We welcome back past guest Vince D’Amato as a co-host for the first in a series of episodes where we’ll be diving back into the past five decades of film.

The 1970’s was a great time for movies but, like all decades, there’s some that just don’t get the attention and recognition they deserve and that’s where we come in! Josh, Chris, and Vince have all chosen ten films each that they feel deserve to be seen by movie fans everywhere and it’s quite an assortment of horror, cop action, drama, and much more – plus where else are you going to hear the words “spider vagina”?


Episode 61: GBW n the Hood

For this episode of GBW we get down with our ‘gangsta’ selves. Thanks to the success of Boyz n the Hood there was a heavy influx of movies set in the ‘hood – usually the mean streets of Los Angeles or New York City. We look back at this sub-genre and talk about our favourites and ones we think are worth checking out if you’re interested in movies that mix in such elements as drive-by shootings, ambitions that go beyond your environment, and drugs.

First we discuss what we’ve been watching including Chris’ continued attempts to catch up on 2016 movies, a VHS trip to the Philippines, an urban legend-themed sequel, and much more!


Episode 60: Bill & Ted Franchise

Take a trip in a time travelling phone booth with us as we look back at the Bill & Ted franchise. These two dunderheaded California surfer dudes with rock star dreams entertained us (and caused all sorts of havoc throughout time and in Hell) in two movies: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

We talk about the films, our memories of them both, and what sort of impact or spin-offs resulted from their success.

First we discuss what we’ve been watching including a blood-soaked prom night, a dinner party gone wrong, Josh continuing his VHS adventures, and much more!