Episode 37: The Corman

There’s not too many people you can point at and say they are not only a legend but also a maverick, a shrewd businessman, a mentor, and a harvester of talent but all these things (and more) can be said about legendary filmmaker/producer Roger Corman.

For this episode of GBW we talk about one of the guys, if not THE guy, who got us into b-movies – and movies in general – with his mix of exploitation that included much comedy, a whole lot of over-the-top violence, and the much welcomed occasional nudity. And he did it all with a smile.

But first we’ll catch you up to speed on what we’ve been watching including another excursion into Japanese crime cinema of the 60’s, Arrow Video delivering a much sought after 80’s slasher, more crocodile chomping humans madness, and an early look at The Witch.



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