Episode 49: Top Ten 80’s Action

Growing up in the 80’s was the prime time for some high testosterone manliness and THE decade for the All-American action hero. The kind of guy who could take out an entire army of baddies all by himself – usually with guns that never seemed to need reloading. We’re talking names such as Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone.

What are our favourite 80’s action flicks? Which would we not hesitate to recommend to those who (sadly) missed out on this prime-time for over-the-top and ridiculous action? Tune in and hear both of our lists – and be as surprised as we are at a couple of the entries.

But first, we talk about what we’ve been watching including a movie that takes George A. Romero’s name in vain, a visit to the theatre to see Don’t Breathe, the cowboy robots of Westworld, and much more!



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