Episode 195: The Cool & The Kumite

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and in this episode we meet a handful of characters who do. It’s an eccentric mix of twenty-one films making us this episode and it’s sure to make you do the splits between two chairs!

Just some of the films covered include Josh embracing “Noir-vember”, Chris getting DRESSED TO KILL, a mad bomber with a penchant for rollercoasters, Tori Spelling and her psycho boyfriend, us wondering just who thought Yorga was a good name, Nicolas Cage doing his version of TAKEN, a duo of religious themed horror movies, the MF’ing Kumite, and so much more!

WARNING: There are some spoilers during DRESSED TO KILL, so if you don’t wish to hear them skip from about the 1hr55 mark to 2hr06 mark. Word to  your mother.


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