Episode 164: The Bizarreness!

After three weeks we’ve returned with a brand new, piping hot batch of movies to tell you all about! To call a good portion of the 20 movies we’re talking about “bizarre” would be an understatement (hence the title).

This time out we talk about the BLOOD ISLAND trilogy, a TV movie from 1981 that wants you to “just say no!”, a newer zombie movie that just may overcome your zombie fatigue, Julia Stiles trying to make-out with her dad, Rene Cardona Jr.’s take on cannibal adventure movies, a Mormon created family movie like no other, the insane PERDITA DURANGO, the triumphant return of Robert “Stud” Logan to the show, and so much more!

Episode 163: Kiss Meets Maniac Cop (and More!)

It’s summer time which means it’s also vacation time which also means we’ll be taking an extra week off after this episode.  Don’t fret! We’re talking about sixteen films to tide you over until then.

For some reason we both decided to watch SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK and it’s a rollercoaster of quality from there as we re-watched a couple of horror sequels, Hanna-Barbara attempt to make Kiss into movie stars, Bert I. Gordon brings a surprising amount of sleaze in THE POLICE CONNECTION, we have a directionally challenged disaster flick, Bob Odenkirk kicks all sorts of ass in NOBODY, Josh sees what might possibly be the worst film in the history of the podcast, and so much more!

Episode 162: It’s a Monster Slasher Kung Fu Jamboree!

Twenty-two movies are on the menu for this episode of GBW delivering exactly what the episode title promises: multiple monsters, psycho killers and glorious kung fu. But that’s not all…

We kick off with our take on 1984’s ALPHABET CITY before discussing two horror films that involve filmmaking, a duo of slashers featuring one from the 80’s and one trying to emulate it, beware of the¬†KILLER RACK, Chris can’t believe the absolute rampant racism of THE TOY, there’s some death-defying stunts, James Bond takes on Christopher Walken, a plucky crew of teenagers skateboard their way into your heart and so much more!

Episode 161: Bananas! (and Other Non-Fruit Related Mayhem)

We’re back on Zoom drinking some sort of local craft beer and talking all about the films that have crossed our paths since the last episode. This time out we have 19 films of varied quality that deliver drama, bloodsuckers and bananas(?).

We get caught with Frank Grillo in a time loop, Josh looks at Dario Argento’s INFERNO, Ron Howard smashes up cars Roger Corman style, we deal with nuclear annihilation, we look at earlier John Landis as well as later George A. Romero, Chris goes on an Oscar binge with MINARI and THE FATHER, canines get human hungry and so much more!

Episode 160: Evil Cults, Criminal Acts, & Dancing?

It’s another COVID edition of GBW and since we last gathered (on Zoom) to blab about films we viewed 19 more titles with a bunch of them oddly leaning towards evil cults and spoiled rich assholes.

This time out Chris gets FREAKY, we discuss the merits of 80’s Eric Roberts, there’s a rescue mission that isn’t really a rescue mission(?), Josh checks out a duo of lush black & white horror films, we get nostalgic for 80’s horror, Liam Neeson continues on his geri-action path, Josh learns about EVILS OF THE NIGHT and so much more!

Episode 159: The Podcast in the Plastic Bubble

We’re back with another 23 movie platters to tell you all about and while a lot of it turned out to be mostly mediocre this time, there are some hidden treasures amongst all the chaff.

In a completely unplanned way we cover two rock documentaries, three sequels, and a whole slew of lesser-known titles. Josh completes his Universal Monsters project, Chris is creeped out by Carl Weathers minus a moustache, we lament the horror genre of the 90’s, George C. Scott robs a bank, we tell you to DON’T PANIC, we see two sides of Mia Farrow, there’s beach genies, John Travolta in an uncomfortable situation, and so much more!

Episode 158: The Horror of Grease & Geri-Action

Is seventeen a lucky number? Probably not. However, that’s the number of films we’ve watched since last episode and not only do we share with you some amazing jokes, we also have coined a new phrase!

To start we both checked out the recent Vinegar Syndrome release, PANDEMONIUM, and it’s varying quality from there with trips to Italian crime film, a rock ‘n’ roll killer with a guitar drill (we can’t make this stuff up!), a look at two newer Netflix releases, a movie containing a whole lot of grease and penis, Chris checks out Oscar nominated NOMADLAND, Josh gets one step closer to finishing his Universal Monsters journey and so much more!

Episode 157: Killers, Jocks, and Italian Rip-Offs

Twenty-two films crossed our eyeballs since last episode and, as usual, it’s a wacky batch of fare including more sequels, slashers and even hang gliding(?!).

This time we have a duo of slasher movies of differing quality, a lesser-known William Friedkin film, an odd choice by Brian De Palma to do comedy, Josh continuing both his Omen and Ip Man franchise journeys, Chris crosses two more classics from his “never seen” list, Bruno Mattei makes us question our Blu-ray buying habits and so much more!

Episode 156: Mad Doctors, Peepshows, & Psychopaths

It’s time for us to talk about another diverse batch of 20 movies that run the gamut including superheroes, sequels and the insane world of Jess Franco.

This time out we sing the praises of director Penelope Spheeris, Josh continues his journey with both the Omen franchise and Universal Monsters, Chris finally watches a classic 1960 horror film and loves it, Wings Hauser makes an appearance, feral dogs run rampant, Mr. T raps, George C. Scott is mortified in HARDCORE, Blumhouse’s current film decisions get questioned and so much more!

Episode 155: Feels Like a Challenge

We’re back! And we’ve watched 19 movies since the last time we talked including a few discoveries, high recommendations, and stone cold trash.

Kicking things off with our mutual viewing of the recent Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray of the 1984 slasher, SILENT MADNESS,¬† this episode also contains Russell Crowe losing his mind, Damien returning a little older and a little more evil, a movie that promises challenges (but lies), a “music war”, more Universal Monsters mayhem, a 70’s western that strives for something different, some lesbian vampires and so much more!