Episode 97: Vinegar Syndrome

In a physical media world where boutique labels and collectors are becoming more and more prevalent we’re willing to bet there’s none quite as eccentric as Vinegar Syndrome.

For the past five years, they’ve delivered cult, exploitation, blaxploitation, horror, XXX, and many more obscure, and just plain bizarre, films that we never imagined would arrive on DVD and in HD on Blu-ray. From an underrated slasher like Slaughterhouse, to the high class XXX of Blue Ice, Rudy Ray Moore films galore and even Clint Howard as a psychotic Ice Cream Man; Vinegar Syndrome titles always guarantee something different.

Besides, how could we not love a company willing to release one of our all time favourite cult films, Raw Force, on Blu-ray?

First up, we talk all about what we’ve been watching and including the recent theatrical release Searching, a duo of IFC Midnight releases, a little bit of Revenge, Christian Slater shredding it on a skateboard, Chris discovers two movies from 2017 he did not like at all, Josh gushes over The Theta Girl, and much more!




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