Episode 114: Arrow Video

Because “physical media is dead” (yeah, okay) we’ve decided to tackle another boutique label that’s been delivering the goods since 2009 in the U.K. before coming over to the North American shores in 2014.

If the movie is off-beat, cult, horror or something you won’t find outside of a Vinegar Syndrome release then chances are Arrow Video has put it out. From unleashing oodles of 80’s slashers on the unsuspecting public, giving older Italian and Japanese cinema the kind of respect it deserves and giving us gloriously colourful Mario Bava blu-rays – Arrow has it all!

Because of this, we’ve each chosen five titles we think are essential to pick-up from one of our favourite labels on the go today.

As usual, we kick things off with what we’ve been watching including Josh continuing his viewing of New York City set films to the tune of MIDNIGHT COWBOY, Chris gets pumped up about the most head shots he’s ever seen in a movie, there’s some disaster movie sequel goings-on, everyone loves John Candy, we get our GRUNT! THE WRESTLING MOVIE on, Chris finally thinks he’s at the end of his CHILDREN OF THE CORN run and more!



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