Episode 118: Twenty Years Ago (1999)

In the first of what we’re planning to be an annual series, we’ve decided to look back at movies that have crossed over from the “teens” to adulthood by turning twenty years old this year.

First up is the last year of the 90’s. A year where Y2K freaked everyone out, Shakespeare in Love won Best Picture at the Oscars (and made us collectively groan) and many films helped kick off a new influx of copycats – here’s looking at you, The Blair Witch Project.

For this episode, we’ve both chosen five films from 1999 that we feel are worth seeking out and it contains many a black comedy, a couple of films by established directors that seem like odd choices and a decided influx of Kirsten Dunst movies.

However, as always, we first talk about what we’ve been watching including ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, Charles Bronson vs. a constantly naked killer, Karyn Kusama’s DESTROYER, a bizarro effort from the director of the Sleepaway Camp sequels, Umberto Lenzi’s ALMOST HUMAN and much, much more!



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