Episode 120: Mill Creek Entertainment

If you’re looking to fatten up your physical media collection and/or are curious about the wild, wild world of cult and exploitation films, it’s easy to fall in love with Mill Creek Entertainment. When they’re not releasing multi-film sets or complete TV series, they are giving us blu-rays of various cult oddities.

This why we’ve decided to shine the light on this budget label with both of us each picking five of their releases we believe you should pick up to get an idea of just what Mill Creek is delivering to the movie obsessed masses.

First off, as usual, we’re talking about what films have crossed our eyeballs since last time including an obscure Raquel Welch western, an 80’s teen gang movie with a killer soundtrack and odd James Spader performance, another modern horror film Chris falls again on the “un-popular” side, Mr. T and a wacky group of cabbies and so much more!



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