Episode 123: 70’s Kids Flicks

Because we love delivering episodes that seem super weird coming from a podcast focused mostly on cult, horror and exploitation film, we’ve decided to revisit our youth. Specifically our under ten years.

Being kids of the 70’s/80’s, we grew up through a crazy time where a lot of the things considered children’s entertainment would probably not fly these days – as witnessed by a few of the movies on our lists!

We’ve each picked five films we grew up on that made a lasting impact on us and it’s quite an assortment with the expected Disney live-action fare, animals galore, kids being punished for wanting candy, athletic prowess and even alcoholism(?!).

First up, we discuss what we have been watching between episodes as Josh tells us about his double feature of two classic zombie films, Chris continues to lament 2019 horror films, more sequels crossed our paths, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta have some intense exercising, Chris takes a surreal trip to THE LIGHTHOUSE, and we both watched Bong Joon-Ho’s latest, PARASITE. Plus more!



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