Episode 110: So Much Sports!

Why is that that guys like us who don’t follow them, watch them on TV, or participate in them tend to love watching the endless amount of movies about sports that have come out? Is it the second-hand adrenaline? The triumph of the underdog? Our attempts to seem macho by saying, “Dude, Friday Night Lights is rad!”? We’ll never know.

However, what we do know is, we dig sports movies and we’ve both picked five of them that we think you should check out. We’ve got some washed-up athletes, body checks, swinging for the fences and even a Luc Besson film. Yeah, Luc Besson.

To kick it off we talk about what we’ve been watching including Josh’s take on SHAZAM, yet another group of evil kids who love cornfields, a trip to the Matrix, Nicholas Cage being completely unhinged, Dolph Lundgren kicking demon ass, Antonio Banderas butt-biting and so much more!



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