Episode 111: Our Defining Years (1981)

As two guys who have loved movies for as long as we can remember, we recently decided to try and pinpoint the exact moment that films went from being just something you would watch on television or go see with friends on the weekend to an outright obsession, What year made the biggest impact on us and threw us over the edge and what movies were involved in fueling this lifelong love of all things cinema?

For this, the first of two back-to-back episodes, your co-host Josh takes a look at the year that defined him: 1981. It was a year filled with adventure, swords ‘n’ sorcery, car races, Ray Harryhausen effects, werewolves, a psychotic Rutger Hauer and more!

We start off, as always, by talking about what we’ve been watching and it’s quite a batch of flicks as we continue our Cheech & Chong torture, hit up a couple of slasher movies both new and old, mention the Purge not once but twice, Chris suffers through Isaac’s return, zombies, raiding tombs, stealing bodies, and so much more!



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