Episode 112: Our Defining Years (1986)

As two guys who have loved movies for as long as we can remember, we recently decided to try and pinpoint the exact moment that films went from being just something you would watch on television or go see with friends on the weekend to an outright obsession. What year made the biggest impact on us and threw us over the edge and what movies were involved in fueling this lifelong love of all things cinema?

For part two of this short series, your co-host Chris takes a look at the year that defined him: 1986. From viewing way more horror movies than a kid should during free movie channel weekends, to getting his first VCR, to discovering the joy of Melanie Griffith; this was truly a year filled with great films, killer creatures and a really dark basement.

We start off, as always, by talking about what we’ve been watching as we finally finish our Cheech & Chong journey (for now), Josh watches a bigfoot documentary that isn’t, Chris has a “revelation”, our man Cirio H. Santiago makes a triumphant return to the podcast, there’s a kick-ass heist, and much more!




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